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AMD Publishes Open-Source HD 7000, Trinity Code

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    Originally posted by agd5f View Post
    OpenGL 3.0 is already supported with mesa from git master and the upcoming 3.4 kernel. Hiz support is almost complete and OpenCL support is already working for basic test apps.
    Do you mean with kernel 3.4 mesa will advertise OpenGL 3.0 without exporting R600_GLSL130? Looking at the code I would say it's still required, just the R600_STREAMOUT went away.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      "performance in quake engines"
      really who cares 200fps or 5000fps...

      also unigine heaven is pointlesss only unigine oilrush is a good benchmark because its a real game!

      sure wine wine benchmarks are important
      Damn, I meant to say doom-engine benchmarks. Still got used to doom1-2 released much prior to quake, and then d3 much later than q3.
      doom engine benchmarks.


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        Originally posted by Otus View Post
        7850 would seem like an excellent card if you use most of your time in Linux with open source drivers and switch to another OS for occasional gaming.
        No, never. Better I use VM, but I want to use linux without being forced by video card drivers into installing something I don?t want.


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          Originally posted by kraftman View Post
          Those are the words of truth. However, even with Catalyst Linux desktop is quite usable.
          Yeah, words of the truth. Difference is - if you use nvidia, you use linux 100% for everything. I like this truth much better. If I?d prefer windows, I would use it 100% for everything - this is possible with amd & nvidia, but reverse possible only on nvidia. Less choice with AMD.


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            Happy happy

            Wooohooo, to me it's all progressing nicely, it ain't perfect but there's a limit to what can be done by just a few people.
            The floss drivers are working way better for me than catalyst, though I don't care about or use opengl.

            The performance of normal gtk or qt is still lower than what I'd think is possible, and seems slower than nicely implemented software rendering (unless you're trying to do highres alpha blending).

            Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
            its really sad [email protected] do not understand computer benchmarking

            synthetic benchmarks like unigine heaven are invalid!

            benchmarks like Quake3 are invalid because NO ONE USE MORE THAN 200FPS!
            200fps only because stereoscopic view and 100fps per eye.

            Micheael really need to chance his benchmarks in a way that they are usefull.

            this means Unigine-Oil-rush instead of unigine heaven

            this means doom3 instead of quake3

            this means all results over 200fps market as invalid result. (no joke its not valid!)

            more compute tests like openCL-Bitcoin a raytracing realtime engine openCL test.

            more wine tests with engines like TA-spring.

            and wine test with ARMA2-Free edition-
            The benchmarks are a bit crappy but really there aren't too many options.
            The main gripe I have is the lack of any analysis, or practical conclusions.
            For example there wasn't (or I missed it, which admitedly is possible) a test of the benefits of HT on compilation time, and in my experience it seems pretty significant.
            When something weird happens the guys at anandtech, techreport, etc. usually try to undertstand what's going on, explain it or at least give some guesses.
            Then again on linux you get very weird results just about all the time, and this is probably one of the greater weaknesses of linux (though at least we have lots of ways to fix stuff).
            I'm guessing the lack of analysis is due to lack of time, so we should probably try doing some benchmarks on our own and submit them so Michael has a bit of breathing room.
            All in all he is doing a lot of work, which I really really appreciate.


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              Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
              No, never. Better I use VM, but I want to use linux without being forced by video card drivers into installing something I don?t want.
              I didn't mean to imply that you do, but there are many who want/need just that. For those, buying a 7850 may well be the best choice, not a waste of money at all.


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                I have already bought the 7750, I want to test it well with g3dvl:-D


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                  Originally posted by HokTar View Post
                  This is all very nice and I know that one can't do everything in the same time but power management is like a bastard son for the last two years...
                  This! Until when we can have the luxury named power management? Sleep?


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                    Originally posted by r1348 View Post
                    Because of this, I just ordered a 7850 card.

                    I'm hoping to hit at this level too.


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                      Originally posted by t.s. View Post
                      This! Until when we can have the luxury named power management? Sleep?
                      Yeah, unfortunately I can't use these drivers other than for testing purposes due to missing power management.