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How many shaders / GPU-Z for linux?

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  • How many shaders / GPU-Z for linux?

    I was wondering if there's a way to read informations such as the number of shaders or other things readable with GPU-Z (windows software)? I searched into the /sys fs a bit but couldn't find usefull information.

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    Given that it needs new releases to support new cards, I'd guess it hardcodes the shader numbers etc based on the pci id.


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      You can find very detailed card specs here:


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        Thanks for the infos, but it's still not what I'm asking for.
        There are BIOS mods which unlock all shaders of a HD 6950 (some times it has a not-lasercutted HD 6970 GPU it seems). Now you might start to tell that you don't support BIOS mods, but there are hardware vendors which use the BIOS switch to deliver their cards with a unmodified and a modified BIOS. Now you can't tell me that you don't support the BIOS big vendors are shipping with their cards.

        In fact I become such a HD 6950/6970 card soon and want to know if it has the 6970 BIOS without installing and using windows + proprietary software.