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Northern Islands HDMI audio?

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    Hi, I'm a rich company and I want to hurt opensource in the most roundabout way possible. I'm going to hire about 4 open source developers and pay them to develop drivers for my hardware. After wasting all that money I'm going to say that the code cannot be released.. if you have any questions, please direct them to Qaridarium because he is our company's official spokesperson.


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      Originally posted by agd5f View Post
      DCE5 audio (Northern Islands) is identical to DCE4 audio (evergreen).
      So HDMI audio support should come in the next weeks/months? Anyways I really enjoy your work and I'm very interested in UVD support (I would like to buy a Trinity/Kaveri laptop), power management and OpenCL. The first two are fundamental for a laptop, so I hope there will be progress in this fields.


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        hi, new lines of code when they are added to the kernel??


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          Doesn't look like as included in 3.4-rc1


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            kernel 3.4.0-rc1 dont have patch.


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              Also applying the patch ( ) against 3.4-rc1 doesn't enable my 6850's HDMI audio!
              Still having purple vertical line at left of the screen.
              Doesn't it enough to apply that patch? Sad...
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                That patch just adds the correct register defines, to replace the current reverse-engineered info. It doesn't change functionality on its own but it provides programming info which should help with the remaining work.

                Alex emailed two more patches to dri-devel; one which fixes interrupts and another which needs more work so was pushed to agd5f's repo rather than upstream kernel.

                interrupts :

                the rest :
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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  this means : stereo only without 7.1 sound.

                  i can read the computer magazines : linux only support stereo in HDMI and windows is sooo great multichannel 7.1...

                  yes your plan to lower the linux market share works!
                  Q seems to be correct.

                  Intel has 5.1 HDMI audio working in opensource driver:

                  AMD not. Why? What IP can be under question if Intel does that since two years already?


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    the audio compression of the digital 7.1 output is handles by the (UVD) stars micro controller also is DRM/Copyprotection tainted

                    this means the community need to reverse engineering the stuff to get 7.1 amd can't release the code because "Law and Order"
                    IF community reverse engineers 7.1 codec chip, AMD will be forced to DMCA it. This will not prevent it to appear outside USA, but will surely prevent it to be included in vanilla ALSA.

                    This is very bad approach.

                    AMD, mind you - Audio IS NOT only-and-only part of copy protection. We game in 7.1. We do our music in multichannel.

                    This is just as wrong as to prevent any hardware video acceleration, because SMALL PART of that accelerated video is content protected.

                    Mind you VIDEO ADS are non-contentprotected.

                    This is simply banal. You are PREVENTING humanity to live, because 5% become criminals. Build a jail for your criminals!!! Dont jail everyone! Im speechless. Reminds me of softmodems.


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                      Hello, I just need enough for stereo audio functions including all northen islands