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Catalyst 12-1 released

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  • Catalyst 12-1 released

    The new driver is available at

    Now we finally got the AMD tag in the driver

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    Guys, GNOME Shell is working like a charm. Fainly.


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      That driver is pure crap for hd 5670. Same rendering problems like 11-12. Simple way to verify: gl2benchmark test 1. The same bug affects xbmc-xvba. Only when o/i infos are displayed you get a correct picture, otherwise not.


      Linux users REALY need an update, not only Win users! Replace that driver or provide 12-1a/b/c or so.


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        --buildpkg Ubuntu/oneiric does not properly build the package for me and am not bothered to finding out why right now. Anyone?


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          In case you use my script it has got an -u option to use updated packageing from phorogit.


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            Originally posted by d2kx View Post
            --buildpkg Ubuntu/oneiric does not properly build the package for me
            No issues here, building went fine on Ubuntu 11.10 (x86), I wasn't presented with any errors and installation went OK. It could be that they have fixed the issue and provided an updated download so you could try downloading it again.


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              I'm wondering why it is so hard to make a pure 64bit driver.
              This not only still depends on 32bit libs, but now it even needs libstdc++6:i386 to build on x86_64


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                Originally posted by yaji View Post
                Guys, GNOME Shell is working like a charm. Fainly.
                For me it's working not so well. With Fedora 16 (latest updates) and this driver, I got many gnome-shell restarts at the moment. I'm watching this, because I got more restarts of gnome-shell even on my notebook with the open-source driver since yesterday.


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                  Core i7 mux-less radeon 6470M

                  I haven't yet tried 12.1
                  Does anyone know if this now works with muxless Intel/AMD combination?


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                    This is definitely one of the best releases in a while. But I still have an issue with gnome-shell, where moving windows across the desktop feels laggish. There is no lagging in dash animations (such as switching workspaces) or anywhere else, only with moving windows across the screen. I get the same behavior in compiz if I enable the "Sync to VBlank" in CompizConfig (OpenGl plugin).

                    Apart from that and some random gnome-shell crashes, everything works (including multiple monitor support, yay)!