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XBMC Project Implements AMD XvBA Interface

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    Hmm maybe in .local, my script does not compile globally, just in your home, you can erase it easyly when you remove ~/dist and the icon.


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      Updated the script to copy the desktop file to that location. for clean install wipe ~/dist before you build it again. Run as root for depends, as user for real build. If you manage to install depends on other systems than debian/ubuntu it will work there as well (needs wget) as user.

      With my hd 5670 and fglrx 11-12 it definitely does not show a correct picture with xvba shared surfaces, i would set the default to off. via vaapi and xvba wrapper it decodes only crap, so it is definitely better intel vaapi crashes after one movie, nvidia via vaapi as soon as you playback a movie, only nvidia vdpau is 100% perfect currently when you require video accelleration.


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        As we are waiting now for a really long time for AMD to fix the three things still missing for a perfect htpc experience:

        - H264 Level 5.1 Support
        - Mpeg2 bitstream decoding support
        - Advanced Deinterlacing Support

        I have opened a bugreport at the catalyst bugtracker:

        If you can, just give your 5 cents, provide screenshots which show the garbage in case of Level 5.1. Or which show red or purple lines at the bottom / top cause of bad deinterlacing.

        You can also provide Screenshots with "o" pressed which show huge cpu usage when decoding Mpeg-2 1080p/i content (in the xbmc case).

        I want AMD to see that there is a community which waits for more support by AMD. That is the reason why i do not provide these files just "alone". They shall see that a lot of people are affected by their linux driver and xvba policy.

        Important: Please be polite, not shitstorm. End of March there is coming out a new Fusion APU, pretty worth buying it, if the support would be a bit better.
        Important 2: Do not discuss other bugs concerning xvba implementation in this bugtracker, as AMD would easily say: you did it wrong and close this report.

        (cross posted at openelec + xbmc forum)


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          12-2 is still broken for hd 5 series, i do not think that will improve. if somebody wants xbmc even ivi bridge will better supported (out of the box) than xvba.


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            That h264 l5.1 problem is as old as xvba. When i began testing mplayer-vaapi + xvba-video in 10/2009 or 11/2009 that bug was already there. What happed about it: absolutely NOTHING. I guess it is a waste of time to report it again.


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              I just put together an HTPC using an Asus E45M1-l mini-itx board (AMD Fusion E-450). I just wanted to say thanks, fritsch, for all the work you and the others are doing on this.

              The FGLRX drivers are horrid on the Desktop, but XBMC works beautifully with this XvBA implementation. The E45M1-l is a fanless board, and both CPU and GPU cores stay under 50 degrees celcius while playing HD content. CPU usage never goes much above 25%. The picture is also nice and flicker free.

              I plan on switching over to the FOSS drivers in the future once the power management improves, and the Radeon VDPAU tracker supports H264. In the mean time, this will do nicely. I have experience a crash or two during my testing, but I think that can't be helped with FGLRX.