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AMD 8.39.4 Driver Released -- 8.35 no longer does it better

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    The problem with F7 x86_64 is falling back to an issue inside the blob. At this point there isn't much you can do about it, but AMD has been aware of this x86_64 issue for a month or two since I personally discussed it with them.
    Ironic, considering that nowadays the AMD 64 chip is so ubiquitous!



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      Originally posted by crumpet View Post
      Standard xorg.conf generated by system-config-display ... and then
      aticonfig --initial

      thanks... this works for me. i did have to add "Modes 1600x1200" to
      set it to my liking; no big deal, though.

      it didn't occur to me to use system-config-display.


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        Hmm, Michael posted that Dell wants better ATI drivers for Linux... That's really good =). Thanks DELL (and Michael for the heads up).

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        (I don't want to go off-topic here, but I think it's related)


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          Wow, if Dell starts complaining to manufacturers, they'd better listen. I'm sure ati doesn't want Dell to start stocking only nvidia cards with their linux boxes. It might lead Dell to stock only nvidia cards with ALL their boxes. This is ideally how the system works:
          -manufacturers write lousy drivers, so systems have strange issues
          -consumers complain to the distributer about problems
          -distributer complains to manufacturer that their customers don't like manufacturers stuff, backed by the implication that if they don't shape up, the distributer will move to the competition.

          If Dell is willing to put their muscle behind these complaints, I think it will convince even ATI/AMD's stratified management that more resources need to go into linux driver development. We'll see.
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            Originally posted by d2kx View Post
            I could only explain this with the new OpenGL application file, but Michael said it is just preparation work. But when the new OpenGL is in, I think you will not get 60 FPS but 100 FPS if you look at how bad fglrx works in comparison with the Windows driver.
            about 13% increase is still a lot. I wish every release did that. for the last several releases the change was 0 or almost.


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              custom modelines

              Any word on if they restored custom modeline support? Any word on if they give a crap?


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                I just installed the re-release of the 8.39.4 drivers, and had the exact same problem that crumpet did. I use Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, and so don't have system-config-display. I did do a "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and then 'aticonfig --initial' as root. Then, I proceeded to fix my xorg.conf to make it look like crumpet's, and finally when it came up... still no 1440x900!

                Even xrandr didn't list 1440x900 as a usable resolution.

                Eventually I ended up upgrading down to 8.38.7, restoring my old xorg.conf, and back to the normal ati bugginess.

                Also, I've had a problem with ati's drivers for years now, having to do with using dual monitors, one a 1440x900 LCD screen, and the other a standard dell CRT.

                The problem: If I have my secondary monitor (the dell CRT) plugged in at all, at the gdm login screen, I get an ugly bar of junk at the bottom, which seems to be filled with leftover stuff from VRAM. Thankfully this goes away after logging in.. but it's quite annoying due to a secondary effect. It also returns back to normal if I manually unplug the CRT.
                This causes the mouse's perceived position to be offset from it's onscreen position. What I mean by this is: I see the mouse below where it is on the squished gdm login screen. I can click on the left button to change sessions only if I move the mouse to where the button should be appearing onscreen, in the lower left corner... into the bar of VRAM junk.

                I may upload a quick photo to show this problem.

                Here's a pic of my LCD

                Here's the CRT

                And as you can see in this one... the mouse is below in the "bar o crap", while the options button is hilighted. If I were to click, it would open the menu. It's pretty hard to judge where the mouse actually is this way.
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                  Has anyone gotten ModeLines working with this driver? I've a 1440x900 LCD monitor and this driver barfs hard (Sig11) with modelines in xorg.conf - and the driver is overdriving the monitor as far as I can tell -- I know for a fact that 1920x1200 isn't listed in the supported modes for his monitor -- and the fonts look awful as a result - further - there isn't even an option for the correct mode in the list........

                  Mind you -- I *am* seeing a performance improvement -- small but there - in game.


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                    Originally posted by Alistair View Post
                    Mind you -- I *am* seeing a performance improvement -- small but there - in game.
                    You will see a much, much bigger improvement in the following months

                    I love ET: QW Beta and can't wait to play the full game with the new fglrx under Linux


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                      Ah, the good old junk. Happily for me it's not that big on my display, it appears only in the area of the "watermark".