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The Current State Of Radeon Power Management

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    Actualy, this limitations were mentioned in the article.


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      Originally posted by sstp View Post
      Recently one of the developers said that people doesnt care much about power management, so its not in high priorities. Can we do something about it? May be some poll? There to many work(opengl, glsl, video acc, new chipset) to see usable pm even in year.
      Where did they ever say that? I heard them say that it is a lot of effort to get fixed, but never that they do not care. And keep in mind many of the people who are working on those other priorities may not be able to work on power management as they do not know how or in some cases may be told to work on certain things from their employers. As it stands though, the new chip-set enablement definitely seems more important than the others, with the others being more iffy.

      Though that is my opinion, and I do not have any of the skills needed to change the situation, so I am just going to walk off and shut up now.