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AMD Driver Support State For Radeon HD 7000 Series, Trinity

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    It's too hard to type and facepalm at the same time

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    Seriously, if you're talking about the *last* GPU/APU in the GCN family I guess I sort of agree with your numbers,
    Right now amd sell the *last* r600 based graphic card its unfair to compare this with the first GCN card. i only make sure to have the same conditions for both gpu architecture families. its only my fairness.

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    although you are ignoring the contributions of non-AMD developers which IMO invalidates the numbers completely.
    No! because the non-AMD-developers also contribute to the GCN-Architecture.
    and my point of interest is only to measure the performance of "AMD"
    my argument is about AMDs performance in contribute to Opensource.

    and amd's contribute to open-source is 8 time bigger for the GCN-Architecture.

    this is my point!

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    I was talking about the *first* chip in the GCN family not the *last* chip and there the difference is smaller, although still significant.
    if my numbers are right even the first chip beat the r600g driver after 0,5-1 year after release.

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    RadeonHD and radeon always shared the kernel and 3D drivers, so I wouldn't take time off for that, but I agree that we don't need to go through the classic=>Gallium3D transition again so that does save some time.
    sure this means my numbers are still right "classic=>Gallium3D transition "
    galium3D also does another job amd can drop FGLRX/catalyst code into it without galium3D amd can't use catalyst code.

    Drago:"As I see in the git branch, thare is shitload of code ~85k locs, devoted to AMDIL. I believe this is the real AMD IL used in the proprietary driver, since I can't believe even Tom can't write so much code for 2 months. This is just fantastic, and really shows how much AMD are devoted to FOSS. This makes me proud owner of AMD's platform. Thanks Tom. "

    without Galium3D its impossible to use AMDIL code.

    This makes the GCN family driver even better because I'm sure they do more code sharing between the catalyst and galium3D.

    This saves a lot of time for GCN (not for r600g because its already end of life )

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    This is all academic until I see triangles though...
    I'll bet on February for the triangles.
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      i think this is the new HD7950:

      225watt TDP

      sure the picture name is "radeon_hd_7970.jpg" but i don't believe this. i think its the 7950.

      because the other picture shows 6pin +8pin power connector for the 7970 and not only 6pin+6pin.
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        AMD's director of content and program support 'Neal Robison' point out they will only invest money in Android(linux), Linux and Windows 8.

        all other operating systems are Death.

        my analysis is correct and will announce in February to promote the open source driver massively.
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          Could somone clarify...

          In terms of what is working and what isn't, Trinity is basically working and the focus now is building up the GCN acceleration stack. Kernel driver for GCN has been working for a while although changes to memory management are continuing, and work is ramping up on shader compiler and 3D acceleration.
          Is John Bridgman referring to GCN for the integrated GPU within trinity?

          If so...isnt this GPU supposed to be VLIW4?


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            I don't see anything in his statement which would infer that Trinity is GCN or not.


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              Originally posted by Alchemist07 View Post
              Is John Bridgman referring to GCN for the integrated GPU within trinity?
              No, I'm referring to Trinity GPU and GCN as two separate things. Putting both in the same sentence made it kind of ambiguous, sorry about that.

              Trinity GPU initial support is done, including the same acceleration APIs as currently shipping parts. It has only been "developer tested" but seems to work. The GCN shader core is substantially different (as you can see from the AFDS presentations) so there's a lot of work required to implement acceleration support.
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                What i am wondering about is that when hd 7000 cards will be out then amd will not ship any pci-e 3.0 chipset. That means you test it with snb-e boards now or what


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                  What, those boards that Intel themselves do not test?

                  They said they can't, with no certified cards out yet at the time.


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                    I think this is why HW vendors go to plugfests.


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                      the hd7970 is ready:
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