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AMD Catalyst 11.11 Brings Critical Linux Changes

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  • AMD Catalyst 11.11 Brings Critical Linux Changes

    Phoronix: AMD Catalyst 11.11 Brings Critical Linux Changes

    After a belated Catalyst 11.10 release, this month's proprietary Catalyst Linux driver for ATI/AMD Radeon and FirePro graphics cards is now available. The Catalyst 11.11 driver does bring some critical changes...

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    Also Linux 3.1 & 3.2 are supported already (and have been before).


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      "This means the recently-released Fedora 11 should now work."

      Too many elevens in article.

      (Also, the link is not working for me; says "file not found")
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        Looks like this came out just ahead of the upload. 404 on the actual download right now.


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          try here


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            Its because an error in the filename.


            Oh, and GNOME Shell still does not work. Its slow as hell and its displaying some "blocky" artefacts.
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              AMD has still discontinued their tradition of publishing release notes for the public for their Catalyst Linux driver build
              Well english isn't my first, second or even third language, but come on... the english on phoronix is often even worse than mine.

              "has still discontineud their tradition"?!? what is it? still discontineud or a tradition?

              (I'm paying for the privilage to bitch... I'm reading all the commercials on this site)


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                Wow! Fedora 11 was recently released!! Amazing, we traveled back 2,5 years and didn't even noticed. I better stock up on hard drives while I'm here.


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                  Originally posted by devius View Post
                  I better stock up on hard drives while I'm here.
                  That's a good one


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                    Originally posted by tmpdir View Post
                    "has still discontineud their tradition"?!? what is it? still discontineud or a tradition?)
                    If you read the line in the article 10 times, like I had to do, you'll see that it does make sense but it is not 100% correct English.

                    ATI/AMD has the tradition to publish release notes for a new release of the driver. They do so for Windows and they used to do so for Linux as well. The latter, however, has not been the case for quite some time now. I.e. they still stopped their tradition of publishing the release notes for this release.
                    It is 100% correct English because you discontinue something only ones, it is not an ongoing process by itself. "AMD still did not re-continue their tradition of publishing..." would have been more correct.

                    On topic, some quick observations:

                    Using Ubuntu 11.10 (x86) with GNOME Shell 3.2 and dual monitor set-up.

                    Still graphical corruption, though not constant, in different area's:
                    • Tooltips
                    • Dropdown lists on websites (I feel that it occurs less often now, but still, just a feeling)
                    • Overlay scrollbar handle

                    GNOME Shell still has the need to crash-restart every once and a while.

                    One issue that does appear to be fixed are the glitches over the complete desktop when alternately hovering over two notification area icons (bottom right) a few times.
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