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Avivo vs. Fglrx Driver In GtkPerf

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  • Avivo vs. Fglrx Driver In GtkPerf

    Phoronix: Avivo vs. Fglrx Driver In GtkPerf

    While the Avivo driver doesn't yet contain 3D functionality or support a number of features found in the official fglrx driver and the community Radeon driver, it is making steady progress despite its age. Most recently with the open-source R500 driver implementing shadow frame-buffer support, we have experienced a noticeable increase in performance. As we have begun to receive messages from those interested in this driver wondering about the performance capabilities, we have carried out a brief GtkPerf test comparing the Avivo git code to ATI's official binary "fglrx" display driver.

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    This is very interesting. It would be nice to know how fast nvidia is.

    It seems that fglrx really sucks.

    I hope and think that fglrx 8.39 comes out anytime now till friday.


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      Everybody knows fglrx sucks but as far as I understand this ShadowFB switch, the new Avivo driver beats the fglrx by computing nearly everything on the CPU utilizing system RAM. So maybe fglrx has some kind of hardware "acceleration" for 2D operations, but who cares nowadays.

      Really impressive work for now, I hope we can get rid of fglrx as soon as possible...