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Gnome Shell with fglrx

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  • Gnome Shell with fglrx

    Does it work? I remember trying gnome shell once, when it wasn't released yet, and it was just horribly slow on my laptop (HD4570 vid. card).
    Has anything changed in the meantime? I've installed Gnome 3 on a different pc with intel graphics, and I rather like it.
    Thing is, I'm not upgrading ubuntu unless I can use Gnome 3, since I prefer Gnome 2 over unity.

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    Still doesn't work, it's discussed a bit in the thread for the latest Catalyst release:

    Soon (especially if you use more aggressive PPAs or compile from source) you'll be able to use software rendering in gnome-shell, hopefully that doesn't use a noticeable amount of CPU, but I'm happily running xubuntu-desktop with XFCE and it's basically like the Gnome 2 experience (I've got a single panel customised exactly the way I had it in Gnome 2).