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ATI X.Org Driver Sees Significant Update

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    Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
    Please specify when writing such things:

    Color Tiling?
    [    28.497] (**) RADEON(0): Option "ColorTiling" "on"
    [    28.529] (II) RADEON(0): KMS Color Tiling: enabled
    Or 2D-Tiling?
    I suppose, the first one...
    The first. The second one is a mesa option. The first enables tiling of render buffers, the second enabled tiling of textures.


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      While it isn't likely getting interesting features, it's still quite an important component. In both good and bad :P


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        Is there any news on HDMI audio for Evergreen+? Is anyone working on it right now?

        I'd like this very much.


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          Assuming that Fedora 16 ships with this version of the ATI X.Org driver, a git snapshot of Mesa 7.12, and Linux 3.1, would I be able to play around with VDPAU without grabbing any code upstream? Or would that have to wait until Fedora 17?

          I know it is only for MPEG1 and MPEG2 but I could still find that rather useful for a certain use case.


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            Good Timing

            I have an A8-3850 and F1A75-I Deluxe arriving by UPS today. I hope this driver finds its way to Fedora, even if only rawhide, fairly soon.


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              when comes gpu accellerated x264 playback?

              Somebody said that at the moment there is only mpeg2 supported, are there any predictions when x264 could be kind of usable? That would be very great. Hope that comes fast, more importend than anything else I think. Gaming is ok to get further with speed and features, but installing closedsource-blobs to play it with non-closedsource drivers is not that importend. I gave it up to try to use linux for gaming. Or if I really would want to, I would install on a only-gaming pc the fglrx drivers. So opengl features and such stuff is only important for stuff like google maps I guess.

              So I hope that most effort goes into this video-accelleration and powermanagement stuff, dont get me wrong more speed or such stuff is good also but not that important I think.


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                Hmm... for me game performance is much more important and video acceleration is a side interest, which shows the danger of making such sweeping statements such as the one above. I do not think anyone can argue with power management being a priority though.

                Keep in mind, video playback can be handled with a decent CPU and you can also get a Crystal HD video accelerator if it is that important to you. I welcome further work on on all of these areas, but I do not think any one area (except for maybe power management) should be viewed as "more important" than the rest.


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                  The only significant thing to ever happen to the DDX driver is when it disappears into xorg state tracker in Mesa. Everything else is shite.


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                    it deals with displaying the image