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AMD Catalyst 11.10 is out.

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    Have you installed all the necessary packages? Especially the 32 bit ones?
    Yes, the 32bit package is installed.

    I did not generate the .deb but did an automated installation (as I am always doing since kubuntu 8.04...). Could it come from this ?


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      You dont need the script as you can simply uninstall the packages.


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        Originally posted by chronniff View Post
        I'm just curious as to whether we do have the same problem, because I agree if its not just happening on my system then something could be wrong with the build scripts, and u would be second person to confirm this issue besides myself
        After removing of directly installed driver I can not install Catalyst 11.10 anymore - nor DEB-packages installation nor direct installation doesn't work for me anymore. Then there is probably something broken not only in package generation script but also in uninstall script. No one version of Catalyst before doesn't make so many troubles for me.


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          Do you used this to make deb files. Working fine here in 32bit and x64 clean install. It maybe safe remove old debs from software center or from synaptic.

          Create .deb packages.

          $ sudo sh ./ --buildpkg Ubuntu/oneiric

          You maybe have broken packages try to fix them, unfinished intstall. Is card detected $ fglrxinfo


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            didn't work for me either

            The best way to install fglrx script is with Kano's script, IMO. So, I downloaded last script to install fglrx from Kano's site, then executing the script. The result is out of sync for my monitor.

            Then grabbing the driver directly from amd site, and installing it directly (sh ati...) with the same result.

            A pity, cause driver prior to this one is work for me.

            Anyone can help? Kano? Bridgman? Anyone?


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              after installing from amd website with sh

              before reboot
              try also sudo aticonfig --initial or amdconfig --initial
              so it will write new xorg.conf

              worked for me perfectly that way when i used amd cards
              alltho every time kernel update happens u will have to install driver again.
              in that case deb packages are better imo, tho i didnt have success with deb packages somehow.


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                if you guys have problems Ubuntu 11.10 with login screen unable to log in because no screen simply go to restart pc in then in crub edit GFX simply RENAME plaplaGFX and force to boot F10 key. It helps to go login screen with picture and uninstall or reinstall drivers when needed.

                Dont forget aticonfig --initial -f


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                  @xpander: Well, if you don't know, kano's script does the magic for you (make ke deb packages, running aticonfig, among others).
                  @Margus: debian testing 64bit on KDE 4.6.5 here.


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                    yeah i know. but i cant test anymore. got free from the ati's curse.
                    grass is greener on other side.


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                      Finally, I have installed successfully the drivers by generating then installing the deb packages.
                      Now everything is fine !
                      Happy :-)