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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    What do you think is broken about premium ? Every article on the main page gets a forum link when it gets posted (at least that's what I've always seen) so I find it a lot more convenient to go in through the forum URL anyways. I understand the auto-login doesn't work if you go straight to but I found it easier to go through the forums even before premium subscription was introduced.
    Don't you use a feed RSS reader? I just can't use it
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    AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
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      Originally posted by gururise View Post
      I usually surf with adblock on, but I turned off adblock on Phoronix to see how bad it really is, and guess what? It's no worse than any other hardware review site. The ads on Phoronix are comparable to those on Anandtech, or Toms Hardware. I guess Linux people are much MUCH more apt to complain about Ad's than window people.
      Toms Hardware is one of the reasons why I ALWAYS install adblock every time I open a browser, even in a livecd
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      AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
      Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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        Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
        Don't you use a feed RSS reader?
        No, I just periodically go to the forum main page. Works fine.

        RSS seems like it would be problematic because the links would go straight to the articles rather than via the forum, but I haven't actually tried it.


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          Originally posted by gururise View Post
          I usually surf with adblock on, but I turned off adblock on Phoronix to see how bad it really is,
          So did I.

          LOL, the ads take up more space than the forum content and on top of that they're also animated. It's clear that for Michael this is all about maximizing revenue on mostly other people's content. Whether it be forum messages here or verbatim copies of mailing list messages disguised as articles. If you want to that support fine. I'm definitely not going to support this.


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            No conclusions + constant whining about Adblock = I'm leaving Adblock on. Forget paying for this stuff. It's barely worth my attention in the first place.


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              Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
              However, it's pretty clear to me now that this site is self-destructing. Michael has been trying to sell it off because he's no longer passionate about the topics, and no one is buying. He's frustrated, and starting to take it out on his readers which is just going to cause a downward spiral.
              Is this fact or rumour?


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                Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                Here's some statistics for people.

                First, the people calling Linux users cheap. roughly 40% of Windows installations are pirate copies (globally, and remember that snatching a less crippled edition than you have a license for is also "piracy") and the next time you see someone running expensive commercial software like Photoshop, there's a good chance that is too.

                Free software is about freedom, not price. Although a lot of it is distributed free of charge as well. (Even going beyond the requirements of the license, like Red Hat often does.) It's impossible, as an end user, to pirate free(dom) software for obvious reasons. So consequently, there are no pirate copies floating around. (Unless you count all those big companies committing GPL violations)

                You can also look at statistics like the Humble Bundles (which I bought), to see that Windows users are the cheapest, and Linux users are the most generous. Clearly if you're honest with people upfront, more of them will be inclined to pay a reasonable price, assuming the goods are sufficiently useful, educational, or entertaining. Windows users usually don't use it by choice (every computer has it, besides it's "free (included in the price of the PC)" anyway. Linux users are a self-selected group, and there's evidence that they are more generous than Windows users.

                Now, the reason I cited this post above...

                Fact: About 2/3rds of that page is advertising, by screen space.

                Fact: A lot of ads use dangerous software called Flash, which is full of holes. "Rogue" advertisements using Flash have caused malware infestations on Windows time and again.

                Fact: Ignoring the security problems, the ads all still track you in some way or another. Every Flash applet can easily be spyware for tracking companies.

                Fact: Flash ads use a lot of bandwidth, maybe the person is blocking them because they are metered.

                Fact: Flash ads are often loud, flashing , and generally obnoxious.

                Fact: I don't want to see Microsoft advertisements and I don't care where they came from.

                Fact: According to Privoxy statistics, roughly 30% of my traffic is blocked using the filters it came with. That's a lot of crap.

                In closing, there's nothing the site owner can really do about this. Adblock blocking methods are easily bypassed and unless you want to start an arms race, you will end up (A) Giving up and figuring a few people using adblock isn't so bad or (B) Go pay only. And don't let the door hit you on the way out. Ask Rupert Murdoch how his churnalism sites in the UK did (pre-spying on politicians scandal even), when they went from free to paywall. Only a few hundred people in the entire country went for that. They don't work when there's a serious void of intellectually stimulating, factual, relevant, and single-source material. Translation: Do it, and good luck. Let me know how it works for you.

                I think whining about ad blockers instead of fixing your abusive advertising practices is incredibly lame.
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                  I concur with others; I can barely tolerate reading Phoronix at no cost, I certainly won't pay for it. And as I've said before, Phoronix is always the site that pushes me over the edge into turning on AdBlock. It is really difficult to read the articles with AdBlock off.

                  Michael, I appreciate the effort and I do think you provide a valuable service but Phoronix has some serious issues that need to be fixed before I will support Phoronix's commercial endeavors.


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                    First of all Michael many thx for many good articles in the life of phoronix so far, ill get the premium once i got some dollars(my country don't allow free currency exchange so is kinda hard for now) is not like ad's are bothering me either (is not that extreme as many whiners make it sound, just obliterate the microsoft's one and ill be happy)

                    about all the conclusion river of tears, well ppl i have news for you this is not a newbie sites with digested little conclusion like "plz buy brand XXX version XXX since our editor think is cool" plz for that info go to tomshardware (extremely wintel biased but may fit your purpose) or anadtech/dailytech(same as toms and crappier sometimes since linux or amd beating wintel are obvious "software bugs" that need to be addressed by intel or microsoft lol) but the point is phoronix is and always have been a very technical site with articles that fit a very technical crowd and those a bit below like me and many more which are not so skilled yet but able to understand the purpose of this information to begin with and i appreciate that michael for many years have stayed true to this purpose (bridgman and 90% of the mesa/xorg devs aren't here cuz the green color is better that the gray in tomshardware, if you were asking lol)

                    about the article i find it extremely interesting since put in perspective the behavior of r600g in several generation of hardware compared to fglrx which is really important for the ppl developing gallium for example to check out which architectures are presenting the bigger challenge at optimization stage or at least which one need the most work. Additionally you can interpolating previous articles realize that many changes in 7.12 branch are bringing nice performance gains into gallium which is always good for example, depending of your level of understanding of gallium and other parts of the graphic stack i think you will fine some more jewels hiding in there, so this was never an article to tell you which card buy or not, so why exactly are whining for? what conclusion for god sake? is there a single easy conclusion? no. LOL it depend what you need the information for jeez.

                    Michael maybe putting something like "For consumers" and "For techies" in the articles can prevent you this waves of whines without sense from ppl expecting non technical information or at least less intricated data.

                    about the ppl whining that gallium sucks this and that, go and drop dead somewhere useless LEECHES and come back when you can design something better and faster or put you tongue in you ******* until you get something constructive to provide.


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                      Hmm, strange that you guys see so large ads, I have never seen ads the size of that screenshot at Phoronix. Anyways, I think that I fell in love with my HD4870 after going through the charts and tables. There seams to be no performance gain (actually it looks like it would more be a performance loss) to go to the 5xxx and 6xxx series of Radeons at the moment in Linux, regardless of open or catalyst.

                      It's really a shame though, I was hoping to shell out for a card with better performance just for the fun of it, but it doesn't seam possible at the moment, unless I invest in a HD4890 but the differences was not that big that it makes a change worth it.