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    Kinda relevant to the off-topic adblock discussion in this thread, just came across this response to a link to a phoronix article in the SPCR forums;
    Originally posted by
    Save yourself the fcing annoying Phoronix layer ads, and nine ad filled pages. (They really need to get their content-to-ad ratio above one.)
    Seriously, just how bad are the ads on phoronix (not just the recent HP one)?


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      i'm the only one with zero ad problems and no adblock in use ?
      No, you're not alone.

      I use privoxy instead.


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        Manners in this this certainly are barbarian at times - why are there so many assholes in OSS?


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          Ok, i was kind of ranting earlier

          Thanks Michael for this article. It had it's flaws, most of which have been discussed here, but I did find a few interesting nuggets within. And I understand it must have taken some time to complete, so I appreciate that.

          However, it's pretty clear to me now that this site is self-destructing. Michael has been trying to sell it off because he's no longer passionate about the topics, and no one is buying. He's frustrated, and starting to take it out on his readers which is just going to cause a downward spiral.

          This harping on AdBlock is no different than the situation with DRM. He's punishing the "good" users while rewarding the "bad" users who get a far better experience, and then asking people to give up their good experience in exchange for the bad one. Something has to change here. I'm not sure Michael is the man to do it, but this is what has to happen:

          1. Fix premium membership issues. There have been a lot of problems reported. They are from the people directly responsible for your income. It should be fixed immediately.
          2. Fix the rest of the site. There are numerous problems in the articles which have been reported again and again. Things like tables getting cut off and not being readable. Other technical issues. Raise the quality of the site and I guarantee your income will rise with it.
          3. Reduce the ads. The current level is self-destructive, they need to be less annoying or very few people will avoid blocking them. Less revenue per page view * lots more people > more revenue per page view * lots less people.
          4. Try to go more in-depth in the articles. Ask for comments ahead of time. Listen to reader feedback. All this is somewhat difficult and time consuming, I know, but I think it has to be done. See #2 again, the work will pay off in increased revenue.

          I really do hope Phoronix can be saved. If nothing else, I think the forums here are full of informative people.


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            The ads don't bother me. I would like the benchmarks to have either 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 resolutions as standard, rather than read through 800x600 and the really high resolutions, though. I know this particular comparison was at the 1080 res so my request is for the other tests.

            How come there's not many comments about the cards and drivers? It's strange that some ppl were overly bothered by the ads while some aren't. I don't think adblock was necessary and I understand why the ads would be used. They need revenues.

            Is it just me but did the performances/drivers seem pretty mediocre (putting it mildly). Even the open drivers didn't help.

            I think if I was getting an amd card now, I'd get a 6850, for e.g. The older cards might have better open source compatibility but the high power and temps turn me off.

            Anyway, my perspective overall is that the drivers (both types) still look awful.


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              Originally posted by anbog View Post
              I think this is just about the 4000- and 3000-series performing below their full potential, and the 2900XT closer to its full potential. Not about the 2900XT suddenly having some secret powers unlocked
              2900XT was the last 512 bit memory card...

              Maybe the Linux drivers ARE using the 2900XT to its full potential and the Windows drivers aren't... Because the equivalent 3xxx Radeon is almost the same architecture with an inferior memory bus.


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                I've heard OSS people are cheap, but c'mon folks... isn't it a bit ridiculous to expect everything for FREE?

                I usually surf with adblock on, but I turned off adblock on Phoronix to see how bad it really is, and guess what? It's no worse than any other hardware review site. The ads on Phoronix are comparable to those on Anandtech, or Toms Hardware. I guess Linux people are much MUCH more apt to complain about Ad's than window people.

                Sure, those sites probably make more money, so they have the luxury of being able to hire editors, and have a staff of people writing reviews. I appreciate Michael single-handedly running a Linux-centric review site. I seriously doubt any of the complainers would step up to the plate and start up a similar site. I have been reading Phoronix since the early days back in 2006, and am happy that Michael has dedicated his time to writing interesting reviews for Linux all these years. The forums are also a treasure-trove of information for Linux users.


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                  Originally posted by disi View Post
                  Is the AMD 6970M so much different from the normal 6970?
                  Mobile GPUs unfortunately never follow the desktop naming conventions, using names seemingly at random and often with large performance deltas on mGPUs of the same name due to how the OEM clocked it and what speed of VRAM was used.



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                    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
                    How about this deal:

                    you start doing some of the tests I've asked for, and I promise to turn adblock off for at least a little while.

                    What are these tests I'm referring to? Doom3, ETQW, Unigine Sanctuary, and other games more stressful than Quake 3. I know you have to edit the driver defaults to get it working. I don't care.
                    This, and no, I'll turn off adblock only if Torvalds becomes CEO of MS. Your articles are far too shitty to pay for and you've showed only that you'd rather make them worse.

                    Side, tech and beer may go hand in hand, but unless you're gonna at least give us a style review on the brew it's irrelevant to be brought up, but since your hardware reviews are still so limp wristed it's clear you couldn't possibly handle the 5 mins it'd take to review a beer.


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                      Originally posted by Kivada View Post
                      Mobile GPUs unfortunately never follow the desktop naming conventions, using names seemingly at random and often with large performance deltas on mGPUs of the same name due to how the OEM clocked it and what speed of VRAM was used.

                      The clock speeds are here (if reliable):

                      Only problem is... Yesterday, I played Warsow and suddenly the monitor went black. After a reboot it stayed black and if I use an external monitor, I can see the normal BIOS screen, but with small green lines all over the place. I get to GRUB (which is screwed up and shows some weird symbols for several characters), kernel is loaded and when kms is enabled the screen goes black again.