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    their opengl renderer ist terrible.
    i used to play the windows version via wine because it would run faster with the direct3d renderer via wine than the native opengl renderer.
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      Ill try wine version today and give some reports.


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        I have desktop with NVidia graphics GTX275, i7-920 and have freezes at start game for 5-10 sec when opened internet browser, sometimes it freeze all platform and need hard reset. But in game no regression fps.
        On laptop i have Radeon Mobility 5650, i3-370 and have regression fps, with wine i have shadows artifacts, in mswindos in 2 times better fps

        PS: GPU accelerated applications = problem with other direct rendered applications?!


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          That thread was deleted because it isn't a support question. It was essentially an antagonistic post.
          That kind of thing is meant for in GD or suggestions (ie improve the ogl renderer)

          hi i benchmark the nativ linux clind vs the windows clind in wine.

          nativ linux clind=29fps
          windows clind in wine=64fps..

          even the graphic are much more advance in the windows clind in wine!

          Shame on you "Linux-nativ-Support"
          posting in the techsupport section is meant for if/when you require actual support because something your end isn't working and something your end can't be tweaked. NOTHING your end will change the renderer implementation and thus since such a thread doesn't belong in tech it was deleted

          so how about posting that topic in GD rather than being a dick and fucking around in the techsupport section, a section&topic only you would have been able to reply to :arma:


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            except there is ZERO what techsupport can do to improve it, thus it does not belong in the techsupport forum.
            you can't have any dissussion there since it is between tech and the OP only.
            A technical statement with no client-side, user-instigated fix.
            and as such your point of view is flawed

            open the thread in GD


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              I get 42fps with my radeon 6670 1GB + Q9450 and 8GB ddr2
              the fps drops to 29fps with FF running

              linux native with fglrx
              2048x1536 all AA/AF settings maxed out in amdcccle (in game says no AA so not sure about that)

              Performance seems reasonable to me
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                I would never bash a company for making a native Linux client. Why? Because at least they had the guts to do it. Big companies like EA or Activision won't because they care way to much about the bottom line. s2games is on our side and at least they are trying. They don't have to make a Linux native version of there game and yet they do.

                They understand there is an untapped market for gamers out there and they want it. So please do not bash a company for making a native client. If you have a problem with their game help them with it by actually giving them good feedback.

                Pull up the game logs and see if there are errors. Try with different drivers and graphics settings. Even different distro's can have an impact because of the different xorg servers and kernels.

                Getting 50 people together and saying you get low fps or there ogl renderer is bad will help no one. You have to give tangible problems for them to look at. Telling a company in the tech forums or wherever that linux people should just use wine and the windows client will just make them stop producing Linux native games and I am sure we all don't want that. Look at Blizzard. They had a Linux port of Wow, but it worked so well in wine and whatever other reasons they had they decided not to release it.


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                  i get really bad performance through wine. fps is not smooth at all. drops down to 10 every once a while.
                  with native HoN client i get really smooth framerate with tearfree enabled from catalyst and no performance problems except huge fights.
                  i think S2 games have done really good linux clients so far for all the savage series and new HoN.


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    sure they can !
                    They can tell every single linux-customer to use the windows clind in wine! because they are unable to dev a completive openGL-nativ-linux-clind.

                    don't worry they already get the message.

                    and if you are fight against incapable and incompetence any words are useless.
                    so basically a troll post "herder use wine" and you really wonder why such a thread got deleted...

                    oh and fyi its not th linux client that has the problem its the ogl renderer.
                    f you want to compare hon in wine or native you really should switch to ogl on the windows client.

                    s2 know their utilisation of ogl is very poor (it spends too much time managing textures eating resources - effects win as well since common gfx engine).
                    only recently has the ogl renderer been looked at with very high water quality, something windows-dx cant reliably do at the moment.

                    so dont bash s2 for the linuc client, it is actually very good, knock them for their ogl renderer and thus again that thread did not belong in tech since nothing client-side can fix their utilisation.
                    such a post in the bugs forum would have been better (and would not have been deleted) or in suggestions for improved ogl

                    also linux drivers are quite poor. even the improved ati are still poor (cant dualhead and fullscreenaj
                    likewise desktop interaction with the drivers does not help be it kwin/cutter failed 3d overlay wrt 3d fullscreen or forcing 2d notification events all these thing do not help (and thats why i suggested starting hon in a new xserver)
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                      Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      "i get really bad performance through wine."

                      i can imagine the cause of your bad wine result.
                      you do have an openGL 2.1 graphic card or an driver with only openGL2.1 support.
                      then wine falls back to the OpenGL 2.1shader directX to openGL renderer.

                      you only get this extremely good performance result if your graphic card can handle openGL3.3 and your driver to.

                      because of the wine speed up openGL extensions.
                      i have opengl 4.2 capable card fyi (namely ati hd 5770)
                      wine just throws glsl errors and slows games down due the bad ati catalyst drivers probaly
                      while native games seem to run really well.