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Enabling Radeon output on Vostro 3350 (Intel i5 + Radeon 6470M hybrid)

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  • Enabling Radeon output on Vostro 3350 (Intel i5 + Radeon 6470M hybrid)

    Hello everyone,

    this might not be restricted to the open source drivers but I guess getting those to work would be a big step in the right direction.

    I'm currently trying to get the discrete graphics working on my new Vostro laptop with (supposedly) switchable graphics. The main problem I'm facing is that I just can't route the output of the Radeon to any display.

    The X server seems to start up fine with the open source as well as the proprietary driver (the Xorg logs look pretty good when checking them via ssh). So it obviously does recognize the discrete graphics, although the open source driver always tells me that there do not seem to be any displays attached.

    I tried vgaswitcheroo to switch between the outputs. /sys/kernel/debug/switch does show the states of the integrated and the discrete graphics alright, but when I switch to the discrete graphics (i.e. echo'ing "DIS" to "switch"), instead of switching outputs, the screen just freezes. I can still operate the system blindly or remotely, but the video output is just frozen.

    Any advice on how to switch the output would be much appreciated.

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    Is there an option in your bios setup to select the discrete graphics? Try selecting that. vgaswitcheroo only supports hybrid GPUs with display MUXes. Some new laptops are MUX-less whihc means the display hardware is only attached to one of the GPUs and the other one is strictly used for rendering. Unfortunately, the X server needs a lot of work to support that scenario so it work be supported any time soon in the open source drivers.


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      Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, there is no such option anywhere in the BIOS setup. The laptop is very new indeed... Somehow I have the feeling that the problem won't be that easy to solve.