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AMD AES Releases XvBA Reference System

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  • AMD AES Releases XvBA Reference System

    Phoronix: AMD AES Releases XvBA Reference System

    AMD has passed along word this morning that the AMD Embedded Solutions (AES) division has publicly released the XvBA Reference System Installer. This installer is meant to make it easy to evaluate AMD's X-Video Bitstream Acceleration API for accelerating video playback under Linux...

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    there is (at least in theory) VDPAU support in the S3 graphics driver blob
    It is not "in theory" I had a chance to play with a Chrome 540 GTX a while back and vdpau did work fine on it.


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      Obviously we need a wrap-around API that supports XvBA, VA-API, VDPAU, XvMC and Xv backends. PulseAudio for video acceleration.


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        The available wrappers are not really the best. In current libva git code are several test tools which fail with the wrappers, even with vdpau-video. Stock xbmc simply crashes with nvidia vdpau-video wrapper in vaapi mode. Native vaapi works usually better.


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          has anyone been able to get xvbaplay to work? any success with UVD acceleration using xvba?