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Gallium3D VDPAU On Radeon Starts Working

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  • Gallium3D VDPAU On Radeon Starts Working

    Phoronix: Gallium3D VDPAU On Radeon Starts Working

    Not all German Linux users and developers were busy the past few days drinking beer and eating Ubuntu pickles and blood sausage, but Christian K?nig has made some more progress in his video playback work for the Radeon Gallium3D driver...

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    Great news! Hoping for fluid playback of high-bitrate H.264 on my machine some day...


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      Great. This is a much cleaner solution

      Video will be consistently working across all capable Gallium devices. Buying capable HW for Linux, instead of the other way around is much better. You'll always know what to expect and are not tortured with having to buy Webcam X to get feature Y.
      The very purpose of an OS is to abstract hardware, not the other way around.


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        In Soviet Russia Hardware abstracts you?


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          This is awesome news. Mpeg2 is a great start, since some digital TV uses it for HD content. I'm really looking forward to h264 and VP8/webm in the future.


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            This solution also has the potential to accelerate many more decoders and features than 'real' VDPAU and UVD can do right?


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              Originally posted by clavko View Post
              In Soviet Russia Hardware abstracts you?
              In Soviet Russia, special software omits the OS to run your shit on your HW directly, leaving certain OS components unused


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                Good news and good work!


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                  @Christian K?nig
                  Good job, I must say.
                  How do you decode the bitstream from the mediaplayer? Using an external library or are you doing it in the state_tracker?


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                    Good news, but...

                    Indeed it is good news, keep up the good work !

                    Still, I think it is just sad that this isn't being worked on for R300 cards, where i think it would be the most needed because CPUs from that era can't handle HD video.
                    I know that Gallium based stuff is supposed to be easily shared between drivers, so I hope it would simplify an eventual port to R300g.

                    Also, I understand that R300 is old and doesn't necessarily drags interest now, but until a few months ago I had an old pentium 4 rig that did everything I asked perfectly fine, let alone... high def video