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AMD's Hiring Open-Source Graphics Developers Still

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  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
    with only 80 shader-cores.. and less memory bandwidth than a hd2900 the answer is no
    but yes maybe much faster than the cpu solution.

    i think the reverence implementation of an shader based solution on the R600 gpu architecture is the hd2900...

    and i don't know how many shaders are in use in that solution.
    What reference implementation are you talking about? An HD2900 should have ample bandwidth and shader power for decode. The gallium decode work is just being implemented now and Christian is working on an RV710 which is the same level, but a generation behind the GPU in the ontario APUs and he is getting good results.


    • Also, note that whether you are using UVD or 3D, they should have similar bandwidth requirements for decode.


      • Originally posted by glisse View Post
        So in less than one years we have made huge progress on support you might think that's slow, well maybe it's but consider the number of people working on open source vs the number of people working on closed source.

        And no, neither AMD or NVidia sees linux as true market beside workstation and GPGPU. So don't complain to them that your GPU is not supported under linux, it's just not a huge market to them. If you really want more linux support complain to ASUS,ABIT,DIAMOND,... ie the company to who you actually buy your GPU from.

        And we target way more than 20%, our aim is to support all we can.
        Yes, its this thing that makes me use nvidia heatgun instead of amd chip. By all respect, glisse, the card makers will point me to amd or nvidia as they provide the specifications for the system. I am very sure you need some structure to get cash flow in your direction and absence of this is one of the main blockers (apart from patents).

        PS. Abit does not exist anymore, its top managers' lies and cheating made company with brilliant engineers to vanish.