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The AMD "Radeon HD 8000" Open-Source Milestone

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  • The AMD "Radeon HD 8000" Open-Source Milestone

    Phoronix: The AMD "Radeon HD 8000" Open-Source Milestone

    The discussion surrounding issues with the Linux kernel DRM code has been quite interesting. From the 40+ comments so far, there's been some interesting feedback from some of the key open-source driver developers along with AMD. In particular, the generation to succeed the next-generation of AMD graphics processors (what will be the "Radeon HD 8000 series" if they continue with the same marketing names), should be a pivotal moment for AMD's open-source strategy...

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    Two words: AWE SOME

    Cheap humor aside, this is really good news. Great move by AMD!


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      AMD's superb open-source support is why I prefer them to competitors. My next machine will hopefully sport an AMD GPU as well.


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        Just to point out - Bridgman did say "trying to". AMD are very serious about their open source efforts, but people have a way of blowing things out of proportion. People should not take this as anything official or promised, but rather as a status update of progress and hoped-for-goals.


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          I love my AMD Fusion E-350.


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            Heheh. Read my signature. I'm a fanboy and I know why whenever I read such messages.

            While it is not perfect I never had a problem with the free drivers being somewhat behind, this is just the nature of things. Basically they are/were creating things from scratch and for a GPU driver this might take time. Esp. since it splits up in various parts and new GPUs come rather quickly. But as the codebase and experience grows things become faster. Now they just need more manpower and that "content mafia" (DRestrictionsM) stuff fixed.
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              this "hd 8000" generation is about 2 years away right????


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                In particular, what does it mean starting the OS driver development the same time CS driver does? What are the benefits for the OS driver? It can't be only the on-release-availability of the OS driver as when have already seen this before (although development has started after the CS driver).


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                  The goal is to try and bring up the open and closed source drivers at the same time so that all of our hw and sw teams are on the same page and that specific hardware is fresh on everyone's mind. With the open source driver we have been on a delayed schedule playing catch up compared to the closed source and hw teams. As such, by the time we get to open source driver bring up, most of the other teams have already moved on to newer asics so the previous generation is not as fresh on their minds.


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                    I'm fairly blitzed at the moment so forgive if this is nonsenical, but what are the odds of having any of the 'closed" driver develprs also contirubing to the Open drivers too, even in mionr bug-fixing fashion? Not beign and insider I don't know how big a role "clean-room" concerns come into play with patents are licensed technology...