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ATI R200 Linux Driver Redux

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    While the article was far from being propaganda
    I'll make up my own mind, thank you very much.

    Am I reading the article wrongly when all i notice is
    "developers are saying that", while not taking any position, or
    containing any response. Basically it's not even an errata, just another
    viewpoint. (Hence i'm missing the point a bit, on making an article out of the forum thread)

    For comparison, NVIDIA does not provide its GPU specifications to open-source developers, but they do provide an open-source 2D display driver. Intel provides open-source 3D display drivers,
    I don't really believe too much in comparing, but is it just me who reads that as a comparison that makes ATI appear worst. The result of only releasing specs to a few under NDA, is a foss driver, only ati didn't have to pay for development.

    On the other hand i'm very happy to learn about the RE driver for the r500, I'm sure it 'll pop on my radar when it's around. then perhaps finally..

    but my next graphics card is an intel. I don't believe waiting for amd/ati is worth it at this point.


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      Michael, while your article outlines the problems people are having with the original article, the article would be a lot more interesting if you had AMD's responses to these outbursts (hint: another follow up article)

      Anyway, here's to hoping AMD is man enough to respond.


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        yeah, maybe amd will finally notice us, linux users, through these outbursts of dissappointment.

        that is certainly bad press for ati\amd, so it might encourage them to make an effort and actually do something about it.


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          This is my first post here. Right off the bat I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me with this fglrx driver for FC6. I think I know you all. I have read your post over the last months. I work for a small company that I made a hard sale on Linux 4 years ago now. We bought 12 laptops with ati rage M3 video. At the time we picked them because ATI talked like they would provide all the info to the Linux community to write drivers. Well we all know the rest of the story. The good part of the story is the servers and desktops have Nivdia video. That has worked out Great. A real success story for a small company and Linux.

          Thought it was important to put my two cents in.

          Thanks EveryOne. Michael thanks for you great effort.