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Two cards, one desktop?

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  • Two cards, one desktop?

    I've heard that there are some difficulties using multiple AMD cards. Before I go buying a second card, I'd like to know if I can use them as one big desktop, with different resolution monitors. I don't need 3D across the monitors.

    I currently have a Radeon HD 5450.

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    Why would you need a second card if you don't care about 3D performance? Any HD5xxx should be able to drive 3 monitors without trouble.

    - are you going for windows gaming with crossfire? Simply don't use the second card on linux.

    - are you going for a 6-monitor setup? Xinerama should do what you need (with the usual problems: slow speed on windows that span multiple cards, bugs when using a compositor like compiz). The cleaner solution is to replace the HD5450 with a single card that already has enough outputs.