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Android-x86 and radeon driver.

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  • Android-x86 and radeon driver.

    Hey all, this is both an in case you missed it, and an inquiry. I've got Android-x86 running on my HP tx2500... with some work. Android-x86 is a port from the Google Android ASOP to the x86 architecture. It is independent of Intel's work to sell Android devices.

    I managed to get the radeon driver loading but it is terribly sluggish. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into a radeon Android driver. I was considering inquiring about this on a mailing list but don't know where would be best. Is there some way of contacting AMD's open source dev's? I would think that with their excellent open source strategy, their goal is to get ATI chips running everywhere.

    At any rate, here are some links for those who would like to try it out.

    - My troubleshooting thread.

    - The "issue", in case you have problems, or would like to verify success.

    - And, a phoronix article related to mesa, not sure if this work is included in ASOP, thus -x86.
    Mesa Comes To Android-based x86 Netbooks

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    Seems I wasn't looking back far enough. It is/was a work in progress on 2.2/froyo.;a=log


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      Android x86 and radeon driver

      Assume their will be voltage control but does anyone know for sure that it will have it and if you can get past 1ghz easily?