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AMD Catalyst 11.2 Linux Driver Released

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    Originally posted by mirv View Post
    If you'd like however, and this isn't for wine but from my own programming, I have seen shaders missing things specifying the precision of floats in the fragment shader. This is required by spec - shaders on fglrx wouldn't work without it. Problem is, not much old code had it, and previous specs didn't require it - so if it still worked, why look for a problem?
    This is why it's important to have at least 2 implementations of any spec - to check and make sure everything's programmed as it "should" be. No blame, no accusations, merely continued software development.
    Alrighty then, I suppose I got carried away, apologies where due.


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      Originally posted by spaceghost View Post
      With a Radeon HD 4890 I get about 60 FPS in Ubuntu 10.10 and 230 FPS in Windows with the Counter Strike: Source time demo. I ran a similar test with an older system using an nVidia 7900GS and got almost identical Windows/Linux FPS results. Is Linux performance with the Catalyst 11.2 driver that much worse than the Window driver or is there a specific issue with the 4980?
      tearfree = vsync always on