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TV-out blocky (rotated?)

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  • TV-out blocky (rotated?)

    I am using TV-out on RS482 with (mostly) latest git radeon KMS, gallium, mesa. It works, but the image looks something like when you would try to rotate an 8-bit indexed image several degrees. It is all jaggy, and blocky. When looking at straight lines, it seems that the image is a little bit rotated, like shown in the picture.

    I tried this on several (CRT) TV sets, and the result is consistent. I am using S-Video to RCA cable. I also tried with S-Video to RCA to SCART, but the clarity of image is even worse (no wonder, heh). I remember trying this before, when I was still able to use fglrx, and open source drivers before KMS came to be, with the same cables, and the picture was clear, so I bet it is not the cable.

    Any ideas for how the image quality could be improved?