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Menus sometimes do not appear when using Catalyst + compositing

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  • Menus sometimes do not appear when using Catalyst + compositing

    A few months ago I got a Radeon HD 5770, and whenever I enable compositing, menus will sometimes fail to show up until I hover the mouse over them. For example, I can click on the XFCE applications menu and hover the mouse over an application category (which should make a sub-menu appear). The sub-menu will not show up until I move the mouse over the region where the sub-menu should be. Once I actually move the mouse over the sub-menu, it will show up, almost as if the sub-menu forgets to draw itself until the mouse is over it. This happens in other applications as well. It happens with Compiz, as well as XFWM4 (when its compositing is enabled), however it never happens when compositing is disabled.

    Anyone know what I might be able to tweak in the Catalyst or Xorg configuration to make this work correctly?

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    Sorry about the double-post but my edit window expired. Just realized I forgot to post this info:

    Distro: Arch (current)
    Kernel: 2.6.36
    Drivers: Catalyst 11.1 (though I've tried various 10.x versions over the past few months and all have had the same issue)


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      Happens to me, too. never thought that it could actually be driver related.

      HD 4870, catalyst 10.11, Ubuntu 10.10x64


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        I've been digging some more and found this bug from Ubuntu which sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing. It's starting to look like this is a Xorg bug that just happened to be introduced around the same time I got my new graphics card.


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          Whatdya know? A Xorg update today seems to have remedied the problem!