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AMD's opensource lies exposed

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  • My phone has a Linux kernel but its still horrifically restrictive and intrusive - android it was said is the perfect blend of open and closed but it only takes one part to be closed to completely screw you over!

    All software should be free! I am a 'fanboi' of this! and for those shills who say no to my freedom - SMELL MY FINGER!


    • Originally posted by Qaridarium
      its nice to have you as a fsf fighter. but i call you some basics about human languages.

      human languages are not code languages for compilers.

      means human languages really do some stupid stuff means if 99% of the upper dump people call the Gnu-OS Linux then its linux.

      and only people like you with no social skill and no basic informations about human languages call it gnu-os.

      You are right in a way - it doesn't matter what people call it, it only matters when people are making a technical argument

      still pisses me right off though

      GNU for life!


      • like 'blah blah blah linux support...blah blah blah...AMD....blah blah blah...nvidia' when all said and done I can use a completely off the cuff combination of kernel and even X server potentially and neither AMD nor NVidia would even go near it with their closed blobs but with a free driver I have the opportunity to do it myself


        • Oh wait yeh , the whole point of this thread is that its all lies!


          • Basically its a bum-wash thread designed to piss me off personally and with that I'm done as I would only be repeating myself if I added more


            • Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
              Originally posted by D0pamine
              I repeat linux is not an operating system - it is a GPL kernel as is hurd
              Not anymore.
              (6 pages later)

              Mission accomplished.

              1. check the thread tags. Yeah.
              2. Linux refers to the class of operating systems built around the Linux kernel. Android is Linux, as Ubuntu is Linux, as "Linux from scratch" is Linux.

              Being pedantic about GNU/Linux vs Linux marks you as a zealot at best and as a troll at worst. That term never caught on outside FSF purist circles, mainly because it was coined for retarded reasons.

              Ergo, you are falling for an insidious marketing trick.


              • Originally posted by D0pamine View Post
                Oh wait yeh , the whole point of this thread is that its all lies!


                • I repeat linux is not an operating system - it is a GPL kernel as is hurd
                  Then replace linux with GNU hurd and see what happens

                  The community can easily replace GCC, glibc, libstdc++ with alternatives, but its a pain in the ass to replace the linux kernel, and you know why because developing a microkernel to work at this magnitude with every device available in the market to plug to your PC (modern desktop today) is nearly impossible to achieve. Its why microkernels are used in fixed hardware-software combinations like symbian phones (which still sucks BTW android FTW).

                  So we can, and WE WILL replace GNU tools! Nnnnhahahahahaha!


                  • Once upon a time in phoronix there was a nut case who claimed that Hans Reiser was innocent and that the powerful "storage lobby" was behind false allegations.

                    Even when Hans admitted to killing his wife, this nut case claimed Hans was coerced, and that the case was a clear indication of corruption.

                    Eventually this nut case started blaming the Jews, and got banned.

                    glxextxexlg, you have a long way to go to be even a tenth as interesting.


                    • and "FSF purist circles" try to fix the stupid dump masses its a mission impossible.
                      The masses you belittle are PEOPLE! And if they have a problem with a shitty amd linux driver (and they have most of the time) its my problem too! You keep living in your crystal elitist tower belittling people while day by day get lonely, and die there shitting you elitist moron!