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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    One special thing to try: checkout xvba with hd 5 series now, maybe even hd 6 if possible. You will most likely need xvba-video 0.7.7+ now.

    Do NOT try h264 l5.1, that's lost time...
    I had tried it on a HD4830, and the l5.1 video played back part of a previously played l4.1 video along with content of the l5.1. ...Wherever the l4.1 ended, the last few frames rendered will show up in the playback of the l5.1.

    So, if you have the right l4.1 video on hand, your kids could watch a l5.1 video of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, while you can enjoy a series of boob shots on the side. Thanks ATI!


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      Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
      Sure I could. But:
      Does intel also have these issues with wine?
      well, on my i945 + mesa 7.8 + some commented out FALLBACKS(), wined3d works pretty well (watching demos, playing trackmania nations forever, worms3d, mafia etc.)