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getting world of warcraft running?

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    Originally posted by chrisr View Post
    Sorry, neither r600c nor r600g is capable yet of running WoW. Your options are:
    a) patience (for r600g to evolve),
    b) fglrx, patience and tranquillizers (for the amount of grief that fglrx will cause you)
    c) NVIDIA
    a : That I have. Bought the card to support the open source drivers. And I'm positively surprised at the pace they've been getting better.
    b : Which is what I'm on now. A fair amount of problems, but nothing I can't live with.
    c : Came from nvidia land. Nvidia is good when it works, but they never ever fix bugs. And when you have massive issues, and they arn't fixed in years... I'm very happy with my amd card


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      d) find out what's missing from running WoW and code that


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        defenatly an option. I am an open source developer, but the graphics stack is a bit too complicated for me. And I don't have the time (right now) to dive into it.