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ATI Linux Users Get Excited For Catalyst 10.10

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    And Heroes of Newerth works too on the 5000 series \o/


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      Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
      It's funny that xf86-video-ati-git and mesa-git is way more stable than the official driver.
      When you develop a driver the illogical way ATI now AMD does... you can't expect it to be stable. monthly releases just dont work when you have a small team struggling to get features in and keep stability.

      if they would stop working on multiple sets of drivers and stabilize and test one single driver over 3-4 months, things would be a whole lot more stable and probably simpler for the devs.

      Monthly releases are only good if there is already a 95%stable/feature complete driver. Switching to the Windows driver development model on Linux was the stupidest thing they did.

      And the snowball of unstable fglrx continues rolling down hill..


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        The driver seem to ork correctly.

        I noticed some slowdows in STO.

        BUT I can resume my video recording with glc on eve-online! On 10.9 I got a huge loss of FPS.

        For gentoo user interessed, My ebuild is in "gentoo-quebec" overlay!


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          First time ever Calatyst works with Fedora pre-release Works like charm with Fedora 14 :P


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            Originally posted by etnlWings View Post
            It didn't fix vsync with my HD5770.
            Do you have vsync turned to always on in CCC?

            Originally posted by NomadDemon View Post
            I downloaded OGG version highest possible, no problem with playback. x264 just suck

            phenomII 810 x4
            radeon 4850 passive cooling, stock clocks
            Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
            Yea sure, when someone comes to you to watch a film you'll just reencode it before watching, because x264 sucks.
            Both codecs can be accelerated of course. Nomad, the more difficult a codec is to decode (and thus the slower it is to render when you don't have acceleration), the better that codec may be. Superior codecs which also use up a lot of CPU i.e. require a lot of work are exactly the kind of codecs you want to help along with GPU acceleration. The more work the CPU/GPU has to do, the more highly compressed the codec most likely is. Sure, you could have horribly inefficient codecs, but no one would use them. Some codecs take less work to decode, and are bigger, but still get used and that is fine because those can be better for computers that don't have powerful CPU/GPUs.

            The problem is h264 is patented by stupid software patent laws and thus should be avoided and could be legally dangerous to implement support for. The lawyers who own the h264 patent(s?) keep extending the "it's free!" period to try to get the Internet and more users addicted to h264, so yes it is inferior for that sad reason.

            Everyone should use WebM/VP8 and other socialized codecs and avoid patented ones like h264.

            ...and also rebel against corporate overlords who want stupid monopolies so they can screw up progress and decrease everyone's quality of life by stealing a chunk for themselves. How many more days have to go by before software patents are abolished?


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              Does Ati support hardware accelerated HD video on Linux? Used Nvidia until now but Ati may be a better choice if the new driver/s work well.