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Fusion and Gallium3D

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  • Fusion and Gallium3D

    I am looking forward to the AMD "Zambezi" chip.

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the new AMD Fusion stuff will work well with open drivers? Gallium3D seems by far the best bet.

    This is the decisive factor for whether I will be buying it or not.

    The OpenCL state tracker doesn't seem to have had any commits since March.

    Is it in a usable shape? Will it be by the release of Zambezi?

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    Will it fall under r600g or will a new r900g be needed?


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      Originally posted by EmbraceUnity View Post
      Will it fall under r600g or will a new r900g be needed?
      It is HD5000 based core. As well as on Liano in the middle of next year.


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        the facts:
        - fusion was one of the reasons for AMD to start the OSS effort. They are committed to getting OSS fusion drivers out there.
        - the current drivers won't just work, fusion support has to be added first.
        - the fusion drivers will very likely be written using Gallium3D, not classic mesa (depending on the maturity of G3D/r600g when the drivers are started).
        - bridgman has said somewhere that his team has access to an early fusion board, so they may already be working on it.

        the unknowns:
        - we don't know any timeframe when the fusion drivers will be released. With evergreen, it took ~8 months between the card's release and working drivers, but that time seems to shorten for each new generation. It's possible that fusion drivers will be ready when fusion launches, but there's no official word on any of those.

        In other words, ask again when fusion ships.