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r600g, Doom3 and 180 Degree Slideshow

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  • r600g, Doom3 and 180 Degree Slideshow


    Maybe someone here can help me. i currently own a Radeon 4870HD and I have some problem getting Doom3 playable. The problem : I have +-180 Degrees of 30FPS and when I enter in the other 180 Degrees, the game became 0.5FPS slideshow and I need to turn myself to the other 180 Degree position to get the 30FPS.

    I try to explain that, You are in the first part of Delta lab, it's playable... You turn 90 Degree to the right, its slide show so you return 90 Degree left and this is 30FPS again... I dont know if Doom3 render lot of useless invisible things but this is kind of annoying, especially when I read a couples of success stories about Doom 3 and r600c or g.

    PS : r600c do exactly the same thing
    PS2 : Tiling is disabled (unusable :

    My software:
    Kernel : 2.6.36-rc5 (* drm-radeon-testing), today git
    libdrm : today git
    mesa : today git
    ati ddx : today git
    xorg : server 1.9

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    Is this new?

    I finished Doom3 just the other day, I'm playing through ROE right now (on r600c). If you disable dynamic shadows (which are buggy), it works like a charm.


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      This is not new for me, I was expecting that someone here got the same issue and found the solution. All shadow things are disabled in my DoomConfig.cfg (I made tons of changes in this file to try to get this game work without the "slideshow window", no success)


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        Have you tried with older kernels? Maybe it's a regression. I played through it using a 2.6.34 kernel.


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          Maybe I should test with an older kernel. I will wait for a confirmation from a 2.6.35/36 users just to be sure.


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            I've tried it with 2.6.36-rc6, works just fine, as long as color tiling is disabled. I tried the beginning of the delta labs, no problems.


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              Did you turn off everyhing that could interfere?

              I usually start doom3 (and other games) from a failsafe (xterm) session, not a full desktop environment.


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                I just have a plain gnome... With no Compiz and others effects.


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                  Are you using KMS? What you describe sounds like a lack of accelerated blit in the drivers.


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                    Yes, i'm using KMS.

                    I will try without!