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  • @bridgman

    Do you really think it is needed to "protect" the hdcp keys when ALL keys needed are known?


    • Do I think it is needed ? Arguably no.

      Do I think we have to do it ? That's a big fat yes, since our agreement says "must protect", not "must protect until a general consensus of gossip and rumour on the internet suggests that our scheme has been broken".

      Maybe we can work that into the next round of agreements
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      • @Kjella

        I totally agree about steam.

        I do use it though.

        AvP (Aliens vs Predator 3) D11
        Not valve but still steam.

        When it comes down to not playing or steam, I install steam.


        • Originally posted by Kjella View Post
          I don't think they can dictate Microsoft around, what would they do? Even if they could in theory ditch the PC and go stand-alone only would they give up all laptops with Windows being used to watch movies on the road? No.
          I think that's exactly what they would do. They'd start pitching dedicated blu-ray players, iPad/iPod type stuff for mobile, etc. I don't think they would let Windows users play unprotected no matter what.

          It's a moot point, because MS isn't against DRM and they're happy to get paid to implement this stuff. I'm just saying, I don't think it was Microsoft's idea in the first place and I don't think they have the ability to forcefully change anything on their own.


          • Originally posted by bridgman View Post
            Yeah, agreed. The holy grail for DRM is something that allows you to make copies for your personal use without restriction, allows sharing equivalent to "you lending your only copy of the DVD to a friend", both with no hassles or problems, but doesn't allow you to broadly publish the content or share copies while still using it yourself.

            The DRM solutions that exist today certainly do not measure up.
            Holy grail for users, maybe, but i honestly don't think that's what they content providers want.

            There's a reason EA stated that the secondary sales market was more damaging to their industry than piracy. They want to sell as many copies as possible, and if DRM forces you to buy 3 copies for your 3 different machines (and another one after you scratch a DVD) they're going to be ecstatic.


            • Originally posted by rohcQaH View Post
              The consumer has nothing to gain from DRM; and as long as music and video has to be output in the form of pressure changes and photons, it will never actually be effective against ripping into a non-protected format and distributing it over the internet.
              Yeah, but once they start providing content by direct access to our brains via ports installed in the back of our necks that will change.