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Happy 3rd Birthday To AMD's Open-Source Strategy

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  • Happy 3rd Birthday To AMD's Open-Source Strategy

    Phoronix: Happy 3rd Birthday To AMD's Open-Source Strategy

    It was three years ago on this day that we were the first to detail AMD's open-source strategy. Yep, it's only been three years since AMD became public with pushing out NDA-free GPU documentation and register specifications, open-source code for the xf86-video-ati and Mesa drivers, and employed a small set of developers to contribute towards their open-source Linux stack. It was also three years ago from this month that the now deceased RadeonHD driver was launched...

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    I am wondering if there's any part of the internet and beyond that Michael is not keeping track of

    Well happy 3rd open source documentation strategy birthday, AMD


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      I'd say that's a good time to say

      THANK YOU AMD and EVERYBODY who was involved in the development of the open source drivers for the ATI/Radeon hardware.


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        Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
        I am wondering if there's any part of the internet and beyond that Michael is not keeping track of
        Keeping track of such "holidays" provides me with more reasons to celebrate - like to have an extra Bavarian beer today while still working, even though today is a silly US holiday.
        Michael Larabel


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          3 years... time to improve it: earlier publication of hardware programming manual/code. Indeed we got evergreen usable stuff just a few months before the release of the next gpu generation and a year after the release of evergreen.


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            Thank you AMD and keep it up! Hope it grows even stronger in the future.


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              Thanks for releasing the code. And thanks to the people working on the drivers.

              I have seen the progress they made for my RV740 chip, from not beeing able to properly render 2d images on the desktop to a full blown opengl composite desktop...

              BUT 3 years and I still cannot play Eve Online on my Linux box, using the driver


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                Thanks AMD!!!

                You didn't choose the simplest path, but you chose the right one, for both your customers and your company's future.

                [...happily running 3d apps on my R780 right now, using the free driver...]


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                  You earned my purchase with this open-source strategy, and all the subsequent purchases I will make in the near future.

                  I'm not the only one. Thanks for doing things the right way.


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                    Only three years? It seems longer, considering how much has been accomplished already.