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    Originally posted by RavFX View Post

    Someone can tell me if S3TC for r600 is implemented in a MESA GIT who is not the master branch? I initially wanted to implement it by myself by checking how it's made in the r300 drivers but I don't think I will be able to do it.
    Have you tried using IRC to ask the devs what would be required to add S3TC?

    I think that's probably the most direct way to get in touch.


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      i just love software patents.
      the us think its a great idea to have patents on software and even if you dont live in the us you still suffer the consequences.


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        S3TC comes to the R600 driver in mesa 8.0 with openGL3

        they just don't care about S3TC now because its not in the OpenGL2.1 spec and the mesa7.9 still need's work for openGL2.1 support.

        why they should work on openGL3 stuff if they can't handle openGL 2.1 ?
        Ah and this is the reasson why the driver can use some opgl3 extension ....

        And maybe loot at this


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          Originally posted by Conq View Post
          S3TC is patented and s3 is still collecting royalties for it. The patent expires in ~10 years.

          There are only two countries where SW patents are valid.


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            Originally posted by Qaridarium
            the patent is not the problem AMD pays for the patend for every card they sold so every amd card user have the right to use it because they pay for the patent.

            the problem is mesa7.9 is still unter dev and the openGL version in tarket is openGL2.1 and S3TC is not in the OpenGL2.1 spec and they do not have the dev resources to do anything than main kronos-spec work.

            next target on mesa 8.0 is opengGL3 and S3TC is in the OpenGL3-spec.
            Uhm, not that I'm a lawyer or anything, but no, that's not how it works...


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              Gallium can load an external s3tc library on demand if it's available. The major legal issues are hopefully on user's end. r600g will assumably sooner or later have a similar stance to s3tc as r300g. Of these I'm fairly sure. I'd give it a whack myself if I a bit less vague idea of how it works.


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                (how were right numbers for R300_TX_FORMAT_DXT* figured out anyway? I can't find anything about them in any docs I've been reading)


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                  Never mind...


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                    Originally posted by whizse View Post
                    Uhm, not that I'm a lawyer or anything, but no, that's not how it works...
                    I agree, but I wonder why it doesn't work like that.

                    If AMD is developing a driver for AMD hardware, and this driver only runs on AMD hardware (obviously), then why is it not covered by the AMD patent license?

                    I mean, the patent is not a trade secret -- everybody knows how it works, and can look it up at the patent office. Using the license for their drivers should therefore not be a problem even if the source is open.

                    Another reason why software patents are an evil pile of crap.


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                      Out of interest, do we support 3Dc?