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ATI Catalyst 10.8 For Linux Brings OpenGL ES 2.0

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    ok, why do I have the impression that the part-of-the-screen-is-black problem with gtk-based apps (especially with firefox) just got much worse with firefox


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      firefox isnt gtk based, it have it own engine for rendering window

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        Originally posted by mirv View Post
        While fglrx_gears and glxgears aren't benchmarking tools, they do serve the purpose of ensuring that opengl is working. Fixes to this (on specific cards) indicates changes to the driver to fix some base issue, which is hardly useless and will likely be of benefit to other applications as well.
        I've also read that the unigine with tessellation is actually now fixed - anyone care to confirm? I only have a radeon3650 so can't test it for myself.
        tessellation works for me I posted my results in the other 10.8 thread.. I only selected normal...may try the other options over the weekend
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          Originally posted by gukin View Post
          Catalyst 10.8 built just fine on Mandriva 2010.1 using sh --buildpkg Mandriva/2010.1.

          Starting X complained about it's inability to load libfglrxdrm but, following the instructions, and initializing X with XFdrake then running aticonfig --initial --force, I was able to bring up x.

          From there, I used "sudo aticcclesu" to configure my eyefinity triple-head setup and got my 3600x1600 display going (three 1600x1200 rotated 90 degrees) I, once again, saw the dreaded black boxes in Firefox so I did a "sudo service dm stop" and, from a console (ctrl-alt-F1), as root, ran "aticonfig --set-pcs-str=DDX,ForceXAA,TRUE" which causes the 2D acceleration to revert to XAA instead of the broken 2D acceleration.

          It all works, as well as 10.7 but nothing extra seems to be broken.

          As for the trolls, cry and whine all you like but ATI is at least trying and IS making progress. None of the three-headed cards from nVidia and Intel work as well and aticccle is head and shoulders above nVidia's configuration screen.
          Using ForceXaa with my Debian Squeeze system makes it rock solid as well, even under KDE 4.4.

          The interlace toggle bug in Kaffeine remains, so I just don't use it and otherwise Kaffeine works pretty well so far.

          And now I have WebGL in Chrome. Once the latest Open Source drivers with WebGL support trickle down to the distros I will probably abandon fglrx. I could grab the debs from X-Org Edgers but I do not want to introduce any instability.


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            Tessellation isn't working for me, 4870. Otherwise no problems elsewhere. I get the black sceen bug with iceweasel maybe once a week with Debian Squeeze Iceweasel.


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              Tesselation can only work with Unigine 2.0 (not 2.1) with a config hack for your card. For "real" opengl 4 tesselation you need hd 5 series. Btw. it is really bad when you can not switch deinterlace on the fly as tv or dvd content is not always progressive and not always interlaced. Most dvd are progressive however, but especially older titles or those from video are not.


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                Originally posted by NomadDemon View Post
                Bridgman, are you from opensource radeon drivers or from closed source[fglrx] ? please.. tell me... WHYYYY!!!
                I'm the "pointy haired boss" on the open source side.
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                  And who is responsible for the fglrx crap?


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                    You'd think sooner or later AMD would get embarrassed enough to fix this crap, but i guess not. Maybe it actually works on RHEL, that's probably all they really care about.


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                      Well they need someone like bridgman to communicate to us about the state of fglrx.
                      And they need to be more open about their development...
                      The opengl implementation has been broken since 10.5 and no sign of improvement for 4 months... I would really like to know what they are really working on and what goals they have for the future.

                      Now IIRC these drives are mainly for users in the industry that pay you for support and fixing their problems. I would really like to know what they use fglrx for. Because they can't possibly be using it to render graphics... Or perhaps all is well with a firegl card?

                      If this trend of non communication with the community about the current state and future about fglrx I think it would be wiser to scrap fglrx all together and move all developers to the open source driver. I mean even the opengl render is broken on windows I've heard. I can't even fathom how mush of a mess the codebase is if they can't fix the opengl implementation in four months and counting.
                      Because as I said it seems like your customers in the industry doesn't care about 3d at all it seems. :P

                      TL;DR: Get a community manager that communicates what is happening and what are the future plan. It gets a little frustrating to talk to the brick wall that currently is the blob fglrx.