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ATI Catalyst 10.8 For Linux Brings OpenGL ES 2.0

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    Black screen bug is known about, there are ways to fix it hanging around somewhere - just disable the new 2D accel stuff.
    The incorrect version number being reported might be because of old files from a previous driver (notably 10.7 in your case). I forget which file exactly lists this, but it shouldn't cause any actual problems.
    I don't actually have glitches with fglrx_gears or glxgears, or etqw, or ut2004, etc etc etc, so I'm not sure what you're referring to there (black screen issue isn't related to opengl apps as far as I know).


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post

      Some features do not work with chrome, like whats the replacement for ctrl+i where you can save any linked media?

      forcing xaa "fixes" mainly the problem, but the driver has to work without override, maybe i add that to my script because without that hack it is unusable with kde4 + squeeze. when you use chrome (without xaa) you will see sometimes black borders around the apps which disappear after moving em. extremely you see it with iceweasel, which is firefox 3.5 basically.

      but why does X crash when you use kaffeine and press i? auto crash feauture or what?
      I installed KDE to my Squeeze just to see what would happen. A few weird effects when moving the mouse around and then I tried Kaffeine and plugged in my TV stick. Watched a few seconds of the news then pressed "i" and instant black screen with a kernel failure. I then ran Kaffeine under Gnome and the same thing happened again. That is a nasty bug. Running Me-TV under Gnome is rock solid.

      So I would confirm fglrx and KDE do not get along without fixes.


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        everybody migrate to Ubuntu for instant fixing of ALL bugs

        *runs and hides*


        now you see how stupid that is to mainly focus ONLY on those distributions, please also consider the other bugs

        in 99% it works fine for me:
        Gentoo, amd64, Gnome 2.30, compiz-fusion, firefox, chromium ^^


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          There seems to be some issues with RDR since half of the time opengl apps and as a video output causes annoying flickering with Kwin effects on


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            cmon.. bridgman? we call you, help us


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              Originally posted by NomadDemon View Post
              cmon.. bridgman? we call you, help us
              He is part of the open source driver group, and is not available for troubleshooting user problems with fglrx. He sometimes helps of his own accord (because he's a nice guy) but demanding that he come and help is really not appropriate.


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                yes. he is nice guy.

                all the things i posted here, are problems, to let know opensource guys to dont copy them

                and. whats about 5xxx series? they gave you 100% of driver or just a part? can you make a 4xxx drivers based on this code?


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                  The control center seems to get the version from /etc/ati/amdpcsdb. If you delete the file before updating the driver it should show the correct one. Overwriting it with /etc/ati/amdpcsdb.default will probably work too. Both have to be done while X isn't running.

                  As for this update. Maybe I'm imagining things but there seem to be fewer artifacts now when running with 2d acceleration but no compositing.


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                    i did uninstall, and used opensource drivers for 3 days


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                      Mandriva 2010.1 and annoying black box fix.

                      Catalyst 10.8 built just fine on Mandriva 2010.1 using sh --buildpkg Mandriva/2010.1.

                      Starting X complained about it's inability to load libfglrxdrm but, following the instructions, and initializing X with XFdrake then running aticonfig --initial --force, I was able to bring up x.

                      From there, I used "sudo aticcclesu" to configure my eyefinity triple-head setup and got my 3600x1600 display going (three 1600x1200 rotated 90 degrees) I, once again, saw the dreaded black boxes in Firefox so I did a "sudo service dm stop" and, from a console (ctrl-alt-F1), as root, ran "aticonfig --set-pcs-str=DDX,ForceXAA,TRUE" which causes the 2D acceleration to revert to XAA instead of the broken 2D acceleration.

                      It all works, as well as 10.7 but nothing extra seems to be broken.

                      As for the trolls, cry and whine all you like but ATI is at least trying and IS making progress. None of the three-headed cards from nVidia and Intel work as well and aticccle is head and shoulders above nVidia's configuration screen.