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ATI Catalyst 10.8 For Linux Brings OpenGL ES 2.0

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    Originally posted by half the posters
    Thanks for your input.

    I'll try it when it'll hit Portage, if it works I'll see whether it's better than xf86-video-ati. If it's not, I'll uninstall it.

    Here's the video of that old woman who's thrown a cat in the trash. It'll sustain your rage till 10.9.


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      Roll the dice, anyone want to wager that HoN and Savage2 on Evergreen will be fixed in 10.9? I'm betting 11.x at the earliest.


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        Originally posted by Kano View Post

        Some features do not work with chrome, like whats the replacement for ctrl+i where you can save any linked media?

        forcing xaa "fixes" mainly the problem, but the driver has to work without override, maybe i add that to my script because without that hack it is unusable with kde4 + squeeze. when you use chrome (without xaa) you will see sometimes black borders around the apps which disappear after moving em. extremely you see it with iceweasel, which is firefox 3.5 basically.

        but why does X crash when you use kaffeine and press i? auto crash feauture or what?
        Everybody has different hardware and different requirements. I did have slight momentary shearing when scrolling in Chrome. As I said i have only been using Squeeze since yesterday, and I just installed compiz and activated Gnome desktop effects and scrolling in Chrome is now smooth. I have also enabled WebGL acceleration in Chrome and that works as well.

        Full screen avi playback using VLC works well and I can drag a windowed VLC around the screen and the video plays smoothly and stays in the frame.

        When i have time I will install KDE and try it, but for the moment Squeeze + Gnome + Compiz + my hardware (890GX integrated) + Chrome are all working the way I want them to. Firefox 3.6 seems OK except for a slight flicker when opening a new tab, however I have only had it installed for an hour so it needs more testing.

        I do not play 3d games and should point out that the open source ati driver worked well enough for everything I do, but now that i have fglrx working it can stay until it lets me down.


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          Originally posted by TheWretched View Post
          And as usual, your only reason of existence is to point this out to "us"?

          Anyways... I am happy with the added dual head config stuff, as I had some problems with it. Didn't try 10.8 yet, but I will be happily doing it tomorrow.

          The "black screen" issue bothers me too, but... it happens one out of a thousand operations (maybe once or twice per day for me).
          For this kind of stability you described in your post, can you even do a little bit of serious work on your system? What a joke platform you've got by installing fglrx.

          Go head torture yourself.


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            I wonder, what is the black window bug?
            Seriously, I have never had any black window issue using Ubuntu 10.04 and firefox (from repo).

            Is it only happending for 5xxx HD cards? I have a 4650 HD mobility.


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              it hapend to 4850 card also i will attach screen if it will show up again [or make a photo]


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                another bug found...

                and heres black stuff..

                and this how it supposed to looks like:

                but it looks like:

                so.. you like to have eyefinity with this artifacts? or crossfire or damn 3d turbo mega speed? it makes system almost unusable..
                10.8 are better anyway.. on 10.7 it could blackout 100% of screen


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                  no.. its not better... still same amout of black stuff...


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                    While fglrx_gears and glxgears aren't benchmarking tools, they do serve the purpose of ensuring that opengl is working. Fixes to this (on specific cards) indicates changes to the driver to fix some base issue, which is hardly useless and will likely be of benefit to other applications as well.
                    I've also read that the unigine with tessellation is actually now fixed - anyone care to confirm? I only have a radeon3650 so can't test it for myself.


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                      i have 4850 so also cant test i afraid

                      yes. its not benchmark, its just opengl app but who cares about speed when you have glitches?