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Debian Squeeze machine slower with KMS

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    Originally posted by Bulkley View Post
    Okay, I installed the 2.6.35 liquorix kernel. Now, where can I find mesa 7.9?
    do you know Git ? 7.9 its the dev version...

    or use xorg crack pushers:

    ubuntu stuff may be its works for your sidus/sid to,
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      Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      do you know Git ?
      Unfortunately, I don't. I have it loaded and I have used it by following strict instructions but that was a long time ago and I have long since forgotten what I did. I've been looking for concise instructions but haven't found them yet.


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        I find the information from the second link a bit confusing. Use what's on the first one for drm and the 3D drivers and what's on the second for the ddx. Good luck.


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          Originally posted by bridgman View Post
          AFAIK when you run with KMS you get mostly tear-free 3D rendering which prevents insanely high frame rates. Shouldn't have much impact on real world apps, just things like glxgears which would otherwise generate frames 10-100x as quickly as the display can show them.
          Yeah and if things work right and vsync is on, glxgears fps should equal your monitor refresh rate with a reasonable accuracy.