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AMD Catalyst 10.7 For Linux Has Eyefinity Support

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    No, vlc 1.1.1 was for the WINDOWS driver. it works with vaapi up to h264 l4.1 already.


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      Well, I've picked up a HD5770 and replaced a couple of my screens with DisplayPort ones, and I must say, I am impressed. Four screens, compiz, xinerama hints for window size, single desktop... this is perfect. So much better than my old dual nvidia twinview setup!

      Thanks the the help, everyone!


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        Here's a cheap way to go triple head:

        Get something like a 5670, this is my card (

        Then get a DVI to VGA converter, I have this one: (

        and an HDMI to DVI cable like this one: (

        My costs right now are: $90 for the card, $26 for the DVI converter and $6 + shipping is $127.77.

        I am running Mandriva 2010.1 x86_64 and have had to turn off the 2d effects (aticonfig --set-pcs-str=DDX,ForceXAA,TRUE).

        I am running three 1600x1200 monitors rotated 90 degrees for a 3600x1600 display. It works great and I was able to configure everything from amdccclesu.

        NOTE: I've read that the display port to VGA adapter tops out at 1600x1200 but other reports say it can go 1920x1200. I can only vouch for 1600x1200.

        3D acceleration across all screens works well and 2D performance is adequate for my needs. Not to shabby for a $90 card pushing 5.76 million pixels.