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ATI dropped the ball again

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  • ATI dropped the ball again

    I installed Lubuntu on my laptop that has an ATI RV250 card. But, there's video driver issues. I now understand that I need to disable KMS. I don't know how to do this so now I need to research/google. Thanks.

    Once again, the problem is related to OSS drivers and some version of *Ubuntu. Yeah, so great that the ATI OSS and Ubuntu (oh, it's just fglrx that they care about working?) is on top of things.

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    Well, Ubuntu claims to "just work", so they should have disabled KMS by default on chips that don't work with it. I guess that means you should report it to the Ubuntu bug tracker.

    But since you're using a laptop, I'd say your best bet is fglrx for increased battery life; the OSS drivers lack good power management.

    As for the actual question, KMS is disabled by passing the "modeset=0" option to the radeon kernel module. I've built my own kernel with the radeon driver built-in and have it disabled by default, but I guess you're using the distro kernel. In that case, try looking in /etc/modprobe.d/ for a file called "options". In that file, add this:

    options radeon modeset=0

    and either just reboot or shutdown X and try:

    sudo modprobe -d radeon
    sudo modprobe radeon

    and then start X again.


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      Well when you add a file to /etc/modprobe.d (you don't need to change an existing file!) you need a .conf ending for it and run

      update-initramfs -u

      later. as kernel command line it is also possible to add



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        You'd also need to add nomodeset on the grub kernel commandline. That will really suppress KMS at boot


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          I thought using grub for that is only for when the driver is compiled-in into the kernel.


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            With the kernel i tested that option does nothing. For nouveau the option is similar:


            nomodeset does not help at all.


            Test it, it works like that.


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              ATI dropped the ball? It sounds like Ubuntu's problem, not ATI's.


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                ATI is guilty of everything.


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                  Originally posted by Melcar View Post
                  ATI is guilty of everything.
                  Darn right!
                  Here is a list of things they are guilty of:
                  • Making blazing fast GPUs
                  • Using less power than the comparable Nvidia card
                  • Providing driver updates every month
                  • Creating sub-egg-cooking temperatures
                  • Beating everyone to the OGL 4/DX 11 market by a mile
                  • Being able to drive more than 2 monitors with a single video card
                  • General amazingness


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                    Oh, I forgot their open source efforts. Too bad Nvidia doesn't have ANY. It is just sooooo uncool to release video card programming specifications, don't you think so?