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ATI R300 Mesa, Gallium3D Compared To Catalyst

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    endusers are not the same ballgame, because endusers run compiled code and do not touch touch the code...


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      Originally posted by monraaf View Post
      I don't know who is 'moonraf', but I suspect you're referring to me. For the kernel side of the graphics stack (i.e. drm) GPL should be fine. I'm quite aware that for users space libraries the situation is a little different and that's why I wrote that I would be in favor of the LGPL license.
      Yes, you are moonraf. There's a typo in your nick. Michael should be able to fix it for you.

      In any case, I'm not so sure about whether it would be fine to license the drm bits to the GPL. When I say I'm not so sure I mean that I don't know it at all. For what I've heard, the kernel and userland components are tightly integrated, so I wonder whether the GPL restrictions wouldn't matter. Anybody here could shed some light about this?


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        Originally posted by monraaf View Post
        I don't think you'll find many in the Linux community who have some kind of hatred against BSD/MIT/X11 license. There are people who'd rather not contribute to projects under such license, but they don't hate it.

        You see that's the difference. It's a fact that there's a lot of hatred against the GPL license, maybe not by you. But it's definitely there in the BSD community.
        Even in this forum you will find people constantly taking up every opportunity to look down at the *BSDs and anything that comes with a BSD-like license attached to it. That's a fact as much as yours is. And you know what, the constant Windows/Apple bashing, exaggerations, outright lies, fanboism and retarded comments are tiresome enough; when it comes to doing the same towards another free projects, it's just obnoxious.

        And you yourself didn't use the loaded term leech just because.


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          Originally posted by elanthis View Post
          Linux has the GPL, and Linux is more popular, QED?

          You know, the global temperature has steadily increased while the number of pirates in the world has steadily decreased. That correlation must be a proof of causation! Pirates keep the world cool! It's science!

          Hmm... so, since the number of pirates is increasing in Angola it should soon be the coolest place on earth!


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            Originally posted by nanonyme View Post
            And all end-users are by definition leeches whereas developers are contributors? I find it hard to find a point in this kind of arguing unless the point is to try to make people feel guilty.
            Noooo you see that wrongly! Because Users contribute back Bugs they find in the Code. In return the bad one would be a Programmer who delivers flawless Code and thus causing the Users to become leeches because they can't find any more bugs.