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Have greatest power management on Mandriva 2010.1 ?

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  • Have greatest power management on Mandriva 2010.1 ?

    Hello !

    I have just installed mandriva 2010.1 on my laptop (HP nw8440 with ATI FireGL V5200 - R5xx). With the 2.6.34-tmb-laptop-10mdv kernel, KMS is ok and dynpm too but I don't find any power_profile or power_method to force power management to the lower mode (driver ati 6.13.0).

    So, I have some questions :

    1/ Is it possible to force the lowest power mode (without changing the kernel) ?

    2/ I can recompile the 2.6.34 kernel if necessary but what are the latest patches to apply ? Is it necessary to recompile anything else (from git) ?

    3/ Or, do I need to compile a 2.6.35 kernel ?

    I'm in a cloud with all of things to do (with kernel, drm, ati driver, mesa and everything else...). Is there any little tutorial for the steps to follow (for general distrib or mandriva or...) ? (I have already compiled kernels).

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Alfazaz (frenchie...)

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    Hi! I have almost the same computer as you (NC8430), I followed this with success for Ubuntu Lucid and Arch Linux:

    For best power management I guess you only need kernel 2.6.35, the rest is needed only for 3D acceleration... but I'm a beginner with this so someone more informed is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong.


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      Ok, thank you !

      So I will try just compiling a 2.6.35 kernel and see if it is greater than now (my laptop is hot hot...).


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        For information on how to enable power management:
        Note that there is also now a "mid" profile.


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          Ok. Thanks. I'm going to try a latest kernel (from
 like piete says on another thread ; I hope that just compiling/changing the kernel is necessary)


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            I run now on a 2.6.35rc4 and it's now greater than before : the profile "low" is ok and my laptop is less hot... "Ouf !"

            Many thanks for your help !