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ati catalyst 10.6 released

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    We could spend time going through every fix made in common code and see if it should appear in the Linux release notes but right now we think that time is better spent working on the drivers than on making a bigger list of "hey we fixed this" for the release notes.
    You could add a boilerplate-statement to the pdf, saving you the trouble of repeating it here on every release. You could also change the document title from "Microsoft Word - Linux_8.741.doc" to something more linux'y


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      Installed it with Kano's script and most seem to work as in 2D acceleration, but tearing caused by refresh rate is still present. Ant this is very important for me, cause I don't use my HD 4850 for playing games on Windows, but general usage.

      So, back to Open Source... i guess...


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        just installed it. It is faster indeed.

        Before, the small delays on maximizing etc. were about the same on my nvidia notebook and the ati desktop. I got used to them. Now they're gone on my desktop, which means that my notebook is going to feel slow soon. Damn.

        Are there any fan-less, non-glare AMD notebooks/netbooks on the market?


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          Fedora 13?

          Any chance this driver will work on Fedora 13?


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            GOD it's snappy. The new 2D is really, really fast. All window resizes are instant, and I even have a script that removes the metacity borders around a window when I maximize it (and puts close/min/max on the panel) and it's still instant, even with relatively complex programs like kdenlive, Firefox and so on.

            I currently have an HD video on Desktop 1, tons of cluttered window on Desktop 3, and this Firefox on desktop 2.

            Switching around between them cause no issues whatsoever. It's always instant.

            I heard a lot of really bad press about ATi's FGLRX drivers, but I must've been lucky. Since 10.5 they've been excellent. Not as good as the window drivers, but just the sheer amount of improvement from version to version is amazing.


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              Originally posted by balihb View Post
              I have the same issue
              on debian sid.
              I have the same issue on Arch i686 with xorg-server 1.8.1. See screenshot here:


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                Originally posted by dcc24 View Post
                I have the same issue on Arch i686 with xorg-server 1.8.1. See screenshot here:
                I've seen the thread on the Arch Linux Forum. Sadly generating a new xorg.conf with aticonfig won't help for me.

                I have a 3470 in hybrid crossfirex with an on board 3200.
                Also I'm running the latest debian sid with the driver package generated from this repository:


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                  Originally posted by ZedDB View Post
                  If you patch the xorg server version to report 1.7, yes. They still only support up to xorg 7.5 it seems.

                  Besides that they still haven't fixed the huge performance drop in HoN that came with 10.5... I wonder if 5xxx owners still crash...
                  Just deactivate Catalyst A.I. and you will have the performance back.


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                    Originally posted by dopehouse View Post
                    Hmm, can't get the driver to work on my Compaq 615 Notebook with Mobility Radeon HD3000 chipset. 10-5 works fine, but when I install the deb packages build with "--buildpkg Ubuntu/lucid" and restart, GDM starts in failsafe mode and the driver won't work. Exactly the same packages works on my desktop PC with a Radeon 5770. I also rebuild the packages on the Notebook, but with no changes. Downgraded to 10-5 for the moment.
                    I had the same issue. You have to purge uninstall the old fglrx driver.
                    Then you have to completely remove /etc/ati and /usr/lib/fglrx

                    Now reinstall fglrx 10.6 and all is good.


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                      Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      thats the black-windows 10-6-kde4 bug..

                      if you pull the browser with the mous out of the screen and back into the screen then the browser shows the right colors and stuff.

                      this bug comes most of the time if you turn of effects.

                      please try to turn on more 3D-Desktop effects!
                      I have no effects. I'm using xfce with composition disabled completely.