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ati catalyst 10.6 released

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  • Well I looked at my BIOS and I have an option that says "OnBoard Graphics" and I have set it to disabled. If it wouldn't be disabled it should show up in the output of lspci. But I have only one VGA controller there: the Radeon.
    And finally I suspect, If you get a desktop on your onboard adapter your X-Server is not stuck in some kind of initialization loop. sucking up 100% of CPU-time. so your symptoms are already a bit different.
    But nevertheless, you had more luck with choosing your mainboard chipset....

    Originally posted by antiplex View Post
    i'm not sure if this might be any help to those who struggle to get their ati-cards to run on mainboards with nvidia nforce 430 chipsets, but it might point into the right direction:

    after avoiding ati-cards for several years because of the bad linux support i have recently purchased a radeon hd 5570 since i heard that the driver-situation has improved quite a lot.
    before that i used the onboard graphics of my ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDReady (nforce 630).
    i did a fresh install (ubuntu 10.04 alternate) when the ati-card was added and i experienced the exactly same behaviour as described by other users (blank screen after the bootsplash).
    i took several tries following different ideas of several forums (mostly but none really led to success.
    finally i realized that there is no option in the bios to completely disable the nvidia onboard graphics, only the primary graphics adapter can be set (in my case to pci express of course), so the onboard graphics might still be active.
    out of frustration i plugged in the analogue monitor plug of the onboard graphics and found to my surprise that while i get a blank screen using the digital output of the ati-card i get a fine desktop output on the analogue port of the onboard graphics.
    so it seems that the onboard chipset still is seen as the primary grapics adaptor no matter what i chose in the bios settings.
    i was able to then install the 10.6 ati driver (not as package) successfully and now finally run ubuntu 10.04 with my radeon hd 5000 series card after running the ati-config command for initial configuration (sorry, forgot the exact command, but came across here in this thread i think).
    i still have the kernel bootoption 'nomodeset' active but don't know if this is needed.

    maybe this helps,