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ati catalyst 10.6 released

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  • and 2.6.35 also seems to work with it

    way to go AMD !


    • Originally posted by noiv View Post
      Although I appreciate the speed improvements (especially resizing windows with compiz), there is at least one trade-off with Nautilus on Karmic. If I sort the detailed list and mousewheel or scroll then the list gets corrupted.

      Looks like a lazy update behaviour or ignoring invalid flags. Interestingly windows is updated and corrected by pressing Alt-key. Did I miss any compiz setting?

      Anyway 10.06 feels like new chips, hopefully more improvments will not get scrapped by the sales department.
      that's probably some Ubuntu (or even Debian) specific issue

      it works fine here when scrolling up & down

      I'm working quite busy right now with my DE (Gnome) so I most likely would have already noticed any more severe problems

      there's however some black window "corruption" the content of gnome-terminal and firefox gets black - a temporary fix is to maximize and minimize it

      so no real big deal

      the other problem is that suspending-to-ram still doesn't work (a regression introduced since 10.5)


      • catalyst 10.6 still hanging on Ubuntu 9.10 on nForce4 chipset

        So, now I can also confirm it(again), catalyst 10.6 hangs on ubuntu 9.10 using an nForce4 chipset. The GPU is a Radeon 5770.
        I've updated the bug report

        with a new Xorg.log.

        On a positive Note: catalyst is finally able to build its packages again on Ubuntu 9.10...

        @Kano: have you tested your script on Ubuntu 9.10?
        I only got X backtraces using it.

        I would tell AMDs Service database, but they closed my tickets.... grml...


        • 10.6 fixed the sluggish 2D for me, but, i still get low res boot screen, so that means there's still some issues that needed to be sorted out. Back to the open source for me until they perfect it haha


          • A high-res boot screen needs KMS, and that's only available to open source drivers. I doubt fglrx or nvidia will ever support it.

            Then again, I wouldn't base my driver choices on a pretty boot screen, but that's just me


            • oh no i think you misunderstood me, and what is KMS?

              I expect my boot screen to be the way it is SUPPOSED to be when i startup. When it changes for a worse direction I'm already concerned. It ought to say something. I can't have drivers doing everything it's supposed to, then i update that with the proprietary and already from boot screen i already see a decline :/ but that's just me i guess.


              • @Captain Sifff

                The script itself works best when you do

                sudo rm -f /etc/X11/xorg.conf*

                before. I did only try lucid/maverick however. It works with maverick.


                • Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                  Right. Same driver for all supported GPUs.

                  We have separate mobile drivers for Windows because there is a lot of OEM-specific differentiation, but we only get asked to implement those features on Windows ;(
                  yeah, yeah, I'm a week late, but bridgman, for a LONG time I was FORCED to use Mobility and just used the plain old catalyst package.

                  Now with sort-of-generic drivers I get a little .exe download which then downloads a catalyst version(looks suspiciously like the generic package to me) and really seems no different that I was just using the generic package catalyst download. (Actually I can't stand the downloader .exe thing, it's a waste of time developing it IMO. I'd rather just dl the .msi package(or whatever they were .exes? and run them directly.)

                  So how's the buildpkg for Ubuntu 9.10? Still borked? If so I posted a "workaround" for it in the 10.5(from the 10.4 thread courtesy of I forget who ATM) thread.

                  The 2D accel help video playback at all? (Was watching a video the other day and the tearing was ridiculous...)

                  Kind of frightened to try 10.6 as 10.5 for Windows was the first one to completely install all by itself w/o help an it actually seemed to *shock* actually fix some apps output.

                  Guess that I'll just have to try it out later. Guess that they released it early because of the upcoming holidays...


                  • Originally posted by hotnikkelz View Post
                    I expect my boot screen to be the way it is SUPPOSED to be when i startup.
                    Low resolution is the way it's supposed to be with the fglrx driver.



                    • build script for Ubuntu 9.10 works again.

                      They stuffed back in their privilege escalation script such that CCC can be run to make changes OOB. (Just copy the menu item, and stick a gksudo in front of the command(or replace the amd-whatever-it-was) [s]if[/s] when they break it again...)

                      2D haven't really noticed that it's any faster than before w/compositing enabled.

                      Haven't played any videos, not that I play all that many usually anyways, but the tearing was so noticeable before that I even noticed it on some videos so I just hope that it's improved enough to be less distracting.

                      And on an offtopic side note, windows installer is back to it craptastic self. Must've been a [s]fluke[/s] bug when 10.5 installed so nicely...