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AMD Continues Updating Its R500 Documentation

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    On cards prior to r6xx, video decode was done using the 3D engine (there was no UVD on those asics), so the hardware is capable and the documentation is available.


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      Originally posted by MostAwesomeDude View Post
      In all seriousness, I was referring to the idea that there might be GPUs out there that have full-on MPEG-4 decoding onboard, that are fully supported by some open driver. </thatsthejoke>
      Intel, I guess, for G45 and up, but I haven't tried it myself yet.

      Not sure how they handled the whole DRM situation though...


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        For reference, the xvmc/vaapi decode support in the intel driver is shader-based (at least for pre GMA 4500HD asics).


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          Originally posted by bridgman View Post
          For clarity, we didn't promise to separate out DRM from decode, just to make sure the issue of useability with open source drivers *was* on the table with future designs and that we did proceed *if* the impact on cost & performance was not prohitive.

          In other words we promised to *try*, no more.
          Fair enough, simply putting the matter on the table during planning meetings is already a good thing.


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            > Depends on what you mean by complete.

            Complete meaning that everything we might want/need to know about how
            to use the chip is documented and available on the web with no NDA.

            datasheet: pinout, Voltages (min, max, etc.), timing diagrams, etc.
            the usual EE stuff.

            programming: how to use *all* the features.

            > DSPs would be OK for implementing codec du jour except there aren't any
            > DSPs in a typical PC system while there are usually is a pile of shader engines.

            My (feeble) understanding is that DSPs would be better than shaders due to
            (1) integer vs floating point, (2) they would use less power and (3) maybe
            be less expensive. (There is also the FPGA approach, but FPGAs are expensive
            and power hungry.) E.g. if you are starting from scratch designing a
            programmable video decoder, DSP would be the best way to go? Less
            expensive and lower power consumption than decoding using a CPU or using
            a GPU's shaders?


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              Originally posted by MostAwesomeDude View Post
     lists the cards I have.
              You got a lot of old crap :-)

              Feel free to send me cards I don't have, but I make no guarantees about what I do with them. :3
              Are you interested in Nvidia cards, too? I got a Nvidia 7xxx and a 8xxx. Maybe a 9xxx, too if I can find it. And if you are lucky I might even find some old crap cards in my drawer from different vendors (mostly Nvidia) :-)


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                Would a 9800pro (older r3x0) be useful?