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Voltage Tweaking Comes To R600+ GPUs On Linux

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  • Voltage Tweaking Comes To R600+ GPUs On Linux

    Phoronix: Voltage Tweaking Comes To R600+ GPUs On Linux

    Earlier this month we reported on vastly improved ATI power management support within the open-source Radeon graphics driver stack for Linux that now supports dynamic power management along with different power management profiles. Following that we provided a detailed look at the ATI Linux power management support with plenty of charts showing how the power management is working out with this latest open-source code...

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    It would be awesome to have it merged into Linux 2.6.35, because that's what Ubuntu 10.10 is going to use.


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      That an exceeding cool set of patches!

      Were these the last power manager features that were missing, or does the R600/R700/Evergreen have other PM features that would make sense for the OSS drivers?


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        Hope to god these end up in 2.6.35 usable oss drivers are so close for me! right now they work great with compiz and I get nice tear free vid playback but my laptop gets REALLY hot REALLY fast.


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          Great news. Up to now I was stuck using Catalyst on my notebook, because of dramatic battery drain and heat issues with the OS driver. I am really looking forward testing the new patches soon.


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            keep up the good work


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              Anyone knows if it's available in one of the drm branches?


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                From the article:

                Originally posted by article
                Right now these are just patches sitting on the DRI mailing list.
                So I guess they are not in any of the public branches. Shouldn't take long, though. AFAIK, this is the last major building block still missing from the powersaving stuff. It should be mostly optimisation from there.


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                  The code is now in drm-radeon-testing, however I'm not very happy with the choice of low power mode switching.

                  While my card runs on 250Mhz on Windows most of the time (maximum clock is 750MHz), the radeon DRM only downclocks to 500MHz when the system is 'idling' (no 3D apps running).

                  Unsatisfied with this (and since I knew that 250Mhz was enough for desktop work) I did this small hack:

                  This just adds a 'minimum' profile which select the 'low'-powerstate and enables the lowest mode inside this state (the same as the one selected when DPMS has the screen turned off).
                  Works for me at least


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                    I think that the priority at this point is getting the code into mainline, tested, and stabilised. The power profiles can easily be tweaked once everything is running smoothly. It's probably just a conservative default for the time being, to avoid strange corner cases, not a final decision set in stone.

                    Am I understanding correctly that this is a drm update, which doesn't need to touch other parts of the stack (like the ddx and Mesa)?