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Extreme speed improvement with 2.6.34-rc4 on rv670 in some OpenGL games

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  • Extreme speed improvement with 2.6.34-rc4 on rv670 in some OpenGL games

    Hi everybody!
    I just installed kernel 2.6.34-rc4 (was using rc3 before) and the speed of my HD3850 is significantly improved in some games. That is instead of unusable and just displaying one or two frames per second for example Sacred Gold is now playable with something about 15fps. There seems to be no framecounter available ingame, so it is just guessing. But the game is usable at this speed (that is with basically maximum details, only FSAA is not active).
    Other games which seem to be a lot faster now are the games ported by Runesoft that are based on the Ogre engine. Examples of those are Jack Keane or the Ankh games. Sadly it is just the intro that is viewable, but that is finally fast as it should be, not somewhere around 1fps. After the intro the game does currently crash with this message:
    Displaying intro scene...ankh: radeon_texture.c:86: radeonFreeTexImageData: Assertion `!image->base.Data' failed.

    Just for those "benchmarking" using glxgears: no difference here.

    Here is what I used for the test: gentoo amd64 "unstable" (as of today) with xorg-server 1.8.0, kms active, mesa git master, libdrm git master and xf86-video-ati git master. Of course I used kernel 2.6.34-rc4.

    So far it is looking like 2.6.34 will be a *huge* improvement for people relying on the open source ATI driver. Thanks for everyone working on it, you have done a really good job!

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    Okay, I managed to get some fps numbers shown in sacred. Here my results with this new kernel so far:

    * There is not much difference in fps between highest and lowest details.
    * When zoomed out as far as possible (so that you see most of the map, which is the most usable situation for ingame) I get between 10 and 14fps, most of the time around 11fps.
    * In the middle zoom level fps are between 27 and 33, normally around 29. So speed here is perfectly fine. The only problem is that you only see a smaller area than in "minimum zoom".
    * In the max zoom level (which is basically unusable ingame) fps are well above 40, often reaching 50fps.

    How to get frame numbers shown:
    * Hit the ~ key on your keyboard. I had to switch to the US keyboard layout since in the German layout ~ is generated by pushing alt_gr and + and the game just recognizes the + there. Okay, after doing this, just type this in the ingame console: SYS FPS

    In general the game is really playable now, even though in min zoomlevel (the best gameplay wise) speed could of course be better.